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Upma Recipe | Rava Upma Recipe | How to Make Upma at Home

    Upma Recipe | Rava Upma Recipe | How to Make Upma at Home

    Upma Recipe | Rava Upma Recipe | How to Make Upma at HomeHere are the step-by-step photo instructions to make Upma at home. Making delicious and healthy breakfast on a daily basis is really a challenging task. Rava Upma is an Indian Breakfast recipe that is less time-consuming and healthy to eat.

    upma recipe

    So as I mentioned, here, I am going to share an upma recipe for breakfast which is healthy as well as tasty and really easy to cook. This is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe of upma which is made of semolina | Rava. In this article, you will get this upma recipe in English with step-by-step image instructions.

    Is upma good for weight loss?

    Yes, If someone is planning for weight loss then this recipe will help him a lot. For the people who wish to lose weight, it is very good to have rava / sooji/ semolina for breakfast.

    Sooji has rich content of vitamin B, fiber and protein which will help you to lose weight. Rava is also good for the heart and the digestive system. It is really helpful for your body if you add upma made with rava / semolina/ sooji in your diet.

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    Upma is originally a breakfast meal of South India. But here we will prepare this recipe with a touch of Maharashtrian cuisines and this style of cooking is now widely accepted by the Mumbaikers in their breakfast.

    Sooji Upma is really very easy to cook compared to other Indian Breakfast items. Rava Upma needs only 15 to 20 minutes to cook.

    upma recipe

    You will find different type of Upma recipes, like oats upma, bread upma, vermicelli upma, aval upma, arisi upma, idli upma, semiya upma, sabudana upma, quinoa upma, dalia upma, broken wheat upma, sevai upma, millet upma, tomato upma, ragi upma, wheat upma, masala upma, uggani recipe, etc. In this all types of Upma, Rava upma is the easiest, healthiest and tastiest one. . 

    Is Upma good for health?

    Yes, Rava upma is healthy food and good for weight loss as well. This is one of the easy breakfast recipes. If you have a diabetic person at home then this recipe can be a very good breakfast for them. Today, I am cooking this upma recipe for 4 people.

    Cooking rava upma is a very good option for students, bachelors, and for newbies. You can add your favorite veggies in this upma or one can also add dry fruits like almonds, cashew etc. But adding these extra items are completely optional.

    Adding dry fruits and veggies in upma makes it truly delicious and healthier. You can make it a little dry, but I would suggest cooking it like the way I cooked it in today’s recipe. It will help with better digestion as well as will always be better for the patient or babies where I offered a less spicy version of this food.

    upma recipe
    Serve Upma with raw mango coconut chutney

    Upma Ingredients

    • 1 Cup Semolina | Rava | Sooji
    • 2 Chopped Onion (medium size)
    • 3 tbsp Oil
    • 1 tsp Turmeric Powder
    • 1/2 Cup Peanuts
    • 4-5 Green Chilies
    • 1 tsp Mustard Seeds
    • 9-10 Curry Leaves
    • 1/2 Cup Coriander Leaves
    • Salt
    • Water

    Process for Upma Recipe

    • Step 1:- Gather all ingredients in one place. Heat the pan and add Semolina in it and roast it well for 5 minutes on medium flame. In the meanwhile, cut all the veggies.
    • Step 2:- Put roasted semolina in one bowl. Now heat the oil and add peanuts in it. fry the peanuts properly and keep it aside. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies in the oil. Fry all of it together.
    • Step 3:- Add onion and fry until it converts into a pink color. Now add hing powder, salt and turmeric powder in the fried masala.
    • Step 4:- Mix all spices together and add fried peanuts. Now add 3 glasses of water and mix it well. Stir it continuously.
    • Step 5:- Let the masala water boil. Turn the gas flame to the lowest and then add roasted semolina in the boiled water in batches of 4 to 5. You can cook it in other ways as well. Way 2:- Add semolina in masala before adding water. Mix well and then add water in this. Stir it continuously.
    • Step 6:- Now evenly mix them all together. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture. Cover the pan for 2 minutes and your healthy rava upma is ready to serve.

    This is the process for cooking Rava upma, here I am sharing step-by-step photo instructions to make upma. Making this healthy and delicious breakfast is a really easy task but it is necessary to have photo instructions if you are making it for the first time. 

    These instructions will help you to cook this delicious dish with perfection and in a very efficient way. Before starting to make this rava upma, make sure that you have arranged all the required ingredients handy.

    How to Cook Upma?

    This is step-by-step photo instructions to make Rava Upma. Follow the steps and make a healthy breakfast with perfection in minimum time.

    1. Cut all the required veggies.

    2. Take semolina.

    3. Take Peanuts.

    4. Heat the pan and roast the semolina for 5 minutes.

    5. See it is roasted.

    6. Put it in a bowl and keep it aside.

    7. Heat the oil.

    8. Add peanuts in hot oil.

    9. Fry the peanuts and put it in a bowl.

    10. Now add mustard seeds in the oil.

    11. Now add curry leaves.

    12. Add chopped green chili.

    13. Let it fry then add chopped onion.

    14. Fry it well and add salt.

    upma recipe

    15. Add hing powder.

    upma recipe

    16. Add turmeric powder.

    upma recipe

    17. Mix it and add fried peanuts.

    upma recipe

    18. Now add water in this mixture.

    upma recipe

    19. Turn the gas flame at the lowest and add Semolina in boiled water.

    upma recipe

    20. Stir it continuously.

    upma recipe

    21. Cover for 2 minutes and Upma is ready to serve.

    upma recipe

    22. Serve it with coconut raw mango chutney.

    Making delicious Upma at home with your beautiful hands is a wonderful experience. This food recipe takes less than 20 minutes, but the taste of Rava Upma is a replica of heaven. 

    An easy recipe for Upma is here for you. Try this quick recipe at home and collect compliments for your cooking skills. Serve this hot upma with cool coconut and raw mango chutney.

    Tips for Upma Recipe Making

    • Add a good amount of water in upma because semolina soaks water.
    • You can increase or decrease the spiciness of upma as per your taste buds.
    • Add coriander leaves in upma it will enhance the taste and give the fragrance of coriander.
    • Make coconut and raw mango chutney with this sooji upma. It will enhance the taste of the meal.
    • Adding the right amount of water is an important skill for this recipe. If you add water as per the given quantity, you can enjoy not too dry and not too much-diluted upma. This upma texture will be really good for your digestive system.
    • If you make upma as I have shared. It will be tasty and will have a good texture.

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