Turkish Delight Recipe | Cranberry Turkish Delight | How to Make Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight Recipe | Cranberry Turkish Delight | How to Make Turkish Delight | 5 Ingredient Quarantine Food

    Turkish Delight Recipe | Cranberry Turkish Delight | How to Make Turkish Delight | 3 Ingredient Quarantine Food – Step by step image instruction to make Cranberry Turkish Delight Recipe in easy way. In this lock-down, all people are home quarantine. but in this quarantine making new food on daily basis is really very tough task, as all grocery items are not available at home. For this quarantine period I am sharing some interesting food recipe which you can make with available ingredients.

    turkish delight

    Turkish delight is a flavorful jelly. This jelly cubes are basically made with corn flour, juice (any fruit juice) and sugar. You can use any fruit juice to make this jelly. Kids will love this jelly.

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    In this quarantine make this sweet jelly for your kids, they will love it. You will need very minimum ingredients. In this lock-down all grocery item are not available, so make this delicious jelly at home.

    turkish delight

    Turkish Delight Ingredients

    • 1 bowl cranberry juice
    • 4 tbsp Corn flour
    • 3 tbsp sugar
    • 1/2 tsp Citric acid or Lemon Juice
    • Coconut Powder
    • Pinch of Red color (Optional)

    Process to Make Cranberry Turkish Delight

    • Step 1:- Gather all essential ingredients at one place. Then take a bowl of cranberry juice and it in the pan.
    • Step 2:- Now add sugar in the cranberry juice. Mix it well. Also add corn flour and citric acid in it, mix all together. and keep it a side. Remember mix all well, no lumps should form in the juice. Add red food color.
    • Step 3:- Now turn on the gas and place this pan on the low flame. Stir it continuously. No lumps should form. We need a perfect thickness.
    • Step 4:- Now cook this mixture on low flame for 15 minute, then check the consistency. Reach to a consistency like condensed milk.
    • Step 5:- Take one container add oil and spread it well, you can use ghee if you want. Now pour the mixture in the container or you can do one thing, add this in Idli or appam pan and set it in refrigerator.and keep it in fridge for 5 hours.
    • Step 6:- Check after 5 hours, cranberry Turkish delight is set now. Cut this in square shape. if you make it in a appam ot idli pan then just put it in a plate. Garnish coconut powder on it and serve to your loved one.

    This is process to make Turkish delight. But as this is new recipe and my all recipes are basically for beginners, so everyone can make it. So visualization is necessary.

    How to Make Cranberry Turkish Delight?

    Follow the step by step image instructions to make Cranberry Turkish Delight.


    1.Gather essential ingredients at one place.

    2.Take bowl of cranberry juice.

    3.Add this juice in pan.

    4.Now add sugar and citric acid.

    5.Also add corn flour.

    6.Mix all together. No lumps should form.

    7. Add red food color.

    Turkish Delight

    8.Now turn on the gas and place this pan on the gas.

    Turkish Delight

    9.Boil this mixture well ans stir it continuously for 15 minutes.

    Turkish Delight

    10.Check the Consistency.

    Turkish Delight

    11.Take container and add oil. Spread it well.

    Turkish Delight

    12.Boil mixture on high flame.

    Turkish Delight

    13.Let it cool.

    Turkish Delight

    14.Pour this mixture in the container.

    Turkish Delight

    15.Place this container in fridge for 5 hours.

    Turkish Delight

    16.Check after 5 hours.

    Turkish Delight

    17.Remove Turkish delight from the container and place it in plat.

    Turkish Delight

    18.Garnish coriander powder on it and serve this chill sweet jelly.

    Cranberry turkish delight is ready. While making this jelly consistency is very important. So add given quantity of corn flour in the juice. Cook this juice on low flame. After some time you can see the juice is getting thickness.

    This is very famous dish, which has a base of corn starch and sugar. Here I am making this jelly with the flavor of cranberry. You can use other juice too. I also like orange juice turkish delight. You can use any other fruit juice instead of cranberry and follow the same process.

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