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thecha without peanuts – thecha recipe in hindi – khandeshi thecha recipe – kharda 

    thecha without peanuts – thecha recipe in hindi – khandeshi thecha recipe – kharda 

    thecha without peanuts – thecha recipe in hindi – khandeshi thecha recipe – kharda  – Here are the photos and video instructions to make hirvya mirchi cha thecha recipe at home.


    Green chili thecha is a spicy delicacy of incredible Maharashtrian food. This is a side dish to eat with bhakri. The main ingredient for this recipe are green chili and garlic cloves but the making methods and some added ingredients change from place to place.

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    In my household, we mainly make a traditional recipe for this Maharashtrian hirvi mirchi thecha. This recipe is a way simple and tastiest version of all recipes among all thecha recipes available in Maharashtra.

    Basically, thecha or green chili thecha is a spicy recipe do to make this recipe you need to use spicy green chili. If you do not want to eat too much spicy thecha then I have interesting suggestions for you:-

    • 1. Add roasted peanuts to the spicy thecha
    • 2. Use less spicy green chili, which is normally available in the market in light green color.
    • 3. You can make a combo of spicy and less spicy green chilies to make kharada (thecha).
    • 4. Use capsicum and 2-3 spicy green chilies.
    • 5. Add Coriander to the kharda.
    • 6. Add lemon to spicy kharda, if you do so the spiciness of green chili kharda will reduce.
    • 7. Fry thecha with chopped onion and tomato.
    • 8. Add roasted sesame seeds to kharda.

    So if you want to eat kharda but should be less spicy then use the above tips and make delicious green chili kharda at home. And eat this thecha with bhakri. Yes! It is reccomonded to eat kharda with any bhakri.

    You can make bajra, jowar, rice or makka bhakri and pair this thecha with it. If you do not want to eat bhakri then make hot chapati or roti and apply a little amount of oil to it. Then eat it with this green chili kharda. You would love the taste. Add pickle to your thali if available.

    How to Make Bhajra Bhakri by akuner.com

    Here, in Maharashtra, we prefer thecha as a side dish as well as the main vegetable to eat with roti, chapati, bhakri or rice. Just need to add pickles, raw onion to the main course with thecha and bhakri.

    I normally prefer to eat bajra bhakri and I love to eat it with pithle and kharda. But let me introduce you to some amazing combos with bhakri. 

    • 1. Chicken Bhakri
    • 2. Mutton Bhakri
    • 3. Zunka Bhakri
    • 4. Pithale Bhakri
    • 5. Fish Curry Bhakri

    All above preparations are famous and to enjoy the taste of these food dishes you need to eat these food dishes with bhakri. Have you ever tried small fish? If not then but small fish from the market and add this thecha in it and fry well by adding a small amount of oil. 

    I think now you will think to make this thecha immediately, if yes, then make kharda and keep it in the refrigerator. It lasts for 3-4 days. So let’s see the recipe for kharda and the answer to your question – how to make thecha recipe?


    • Green chili – 20-30 nos
    • Garlic cloves -12-15 nos
    • Salt to taste 
    • Oil – 1 tbsp
    • Coriander Leaves – 1 tbsp

    Thecha is a perk to the main course. You can make and keep this delicious green chili kharda in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Even this thecha is really useful to make some main course dishes.

    Like if you want to make ‘tinde’ then just heat the oil and this thecha in it then add tinde and mix well. Now add water and then cook for 15 mins on low flame. Tinde ki sabji is ready. Isn’t it very easy? Then let’s make thecha.

    How to make thecha at home

    1. Firstly add spicy green chili to the hot pan.

    2. Roast green chilies on medium to low flame.

    3. You need to roast green chilies for 10 to 15 mins.

    4. Now add garlic cloves, salt and coriander leaves to the roasted chilies.

    5. Now add oil.

    6. Cover all this with the plate.

    7. Let it cool down.

    8. Now roasted green chili is a little warm, add it to the hand grinder.

    9. Grind thecha in a hand grinder in semi-grind consistency.

    10. Now you can serve this chutney with bhakri or roti.

    If you want to make thecha less spicy then use the techniques that I have already shared with you, like adding less spicy chili, adding peanuts, and adding onion and tomato to the spicy kharda.

    Additional Information for thecha

    • 1. Careful while adding oil, roasting green chilies can cause cracking.
    • 2. Adding coriander leaves enhance the taste of thecha.
    • 3. You can cumin seeds to thecha if you like.

    Hope you like the post and recipe. Your valuable comments always motivate me to write more and more about my favorite niche which is food. If you feel any improvements or feedback then we always welcome you to do so.

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