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Cauliflower Curry Recipe | Flower chi Bhaji

Cauliflower curry is the very famous preparation of cauliflower in Maharashtra, India. In Maharashtra Cauliflower is know as flower, fulkobi or fulgobi. Flower batata rassa is the traditional Marathi recipe, but today I am sharing with you the only cauliflower curry or flower chi bhaji. Excited for the new recipe? Then explore the recipe.

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Aloo Kabli Recipe-Kolkata Street Food

Aloo kabli is a dish which comes from West Bengali cuisine and it is very much popular throughout the India. Aloo kabli is recipe prepared with simple ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes and the combination of spices which are easily available at home. I love to eat aloo kabli and phuchka too.Here in Mumbai it is very hard to find out one Aloo Kabli wala with the authentic taste of this once popular street food of Bengal, but it is really easy to find out in Kolkata.

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