Masala Khichdi Recipe

Today’s menu is Masala Khichdi. Khichdi is also know as khichudi. We are going to make a Masala khichdi with spices and veggies. In most of the household it will prefer for kids and sick people, because it is blend in a taste. But if you prepare it a another way so it is a pack of taste and protein. If you prepare this recipe with the veggies and spices then it will be the best in taste and fabulous treat for the spice lovers. So excited for the recipe? Then click on the link.

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Chana chat Recipe

Chana chat is a preparation of chana, tomato, onion and combination of spices like red chilli powder, black salt, chat masala, garam masala and many more. If you are feeling little bit hungry but don’t want to go to the kitchen and cook something, then chana chat is a best option for you.

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