Murgh-E-Spring Onion

hello! I am here to tell you about one of my favorite recipe “Murgh-E-Spring Onion”. This is the preparation of chicken with the spring onion and tasty spices. Murgh-E-Spring Onion is very delicious dish and it takes less than one hour to cook. To make this chicken spring onion curry you will need basic ingredients which are easily available at your home. This chicken preparation have the sweetness of spring onion, aroma of green chilies and spiciness of different spices.

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Instant Chicken Recipe

Instant Chicken recipe is a best fit for non-veg eater, but if you are vegetarian then use paneer or mushroom instead of chicken pieces. After my office time I used to cook chicken like this and it is best served with rice where the coking and preparation time is not more than 15-20 minutes.

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Chicken Akuner with Coriander Jafrani Pulao Recipe

The chicken Akuner is the preparation made with 5 type of chili’s and coriander pulao is made with coriander leaves. We are going to use a 5 type of chili’s, instead of that this preparation is not too much spicy. Chicken Akuner is a preparation of spices and chili’s still it have a sweetness of onion and spiciness of spices.

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