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Shorsher Chingri Recipe

    Shorsher Chingri Recipe | Mustard Prawn Curry Recipe | Bengali Style Shorsher Chingri

    Food is essential part of our life. The recipe or say how you cook any food is really matters and make an effect on taste of the food, but there are many food preparation which are very simple but still very tasty, healthy and have there own place in every heart,“Shorsher Chingri Recipe” is one of them. Shorsher chingri is the Bengali style Mustard seeds prawn recipe, which is traditional and native dish from West Bengal, India.

    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe

    While making this dish at your home, you will smell the aroma of mustered seeds which will give you the feel of Bengali cuisine and there tradition. Shorsher Chingri is the preparation of fresh prawns which are marinated in turmeric and salt, then cooked in poppy seeds, mustard seeds, coconut powder puree. You need a very few and simple ingredients to cook this delicious recipe but this all make this dish very flavorful.

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    I think there is no one in my family who don’t like to eat shorsher chingri. Basically, if you come to my home on holiday, then you will find this type of preparation in my kitchen. On Sunday or any other holiday I always cook one preparation of mutton or chicken. If I ask for second one then shoresher chingri /mustard prawn gravy is always top on the holiday menu of my family members.

    I ate this type of preparation of prawns first time when I visited Bhojoharo Manna, Mumbai. After eating this shorsher chingri first time I fall in love with the taste of it and now I always make this type of prawn curry at home. The mustard prawn curry / shorsher chingri go good with hot steamed rice, but today I am making combination of this mastered prawn curry with hot fulka. Excited for the new recipe? Then read on!

    • Serve For : 2 People
    • Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
    • Total Time : 30 Minutes
    • Cuisine : Bengali Recipe
    • Diet : Non-Vegeterian
    • Course : Lunch
    • Author : Akuner Evahgi
    Shorsher chingri recipe

    Ingredients for Shorsher Chingri Recipe

    Process for Shorsher Chingri Recipe

    • Step 1:Wash Chingri / Prawns well and drain the water from it. let the chingri dry. Now sprinkle Turmeric and salt on the Chingri. Rub the turmeric and salt on the chingri with the help of your hand and keep it aside.
    • Step 2:Take mustard seeds, poppy seeds and coconut powder in bowl and add little amount of water in it, let it soak the water for 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile cut the onion and make the paste of ginger and garlic.
    • Step 3:After 6 minutes take mustard seeds, poppy seeds and coconut powder in mixer grinder bowl, also add 3 green chili and ginger garlic paste and make the soft puree out of it.
    • Step 4:heat the oil and add turmeric and salt marinated prawns in the oil. Fry this prawns from both the side, Put prawns in one plat or bowl after the prawn is fried.
    • Step 5:Now add cumin seeds in the hot oil and let it splutter there aroma. After the cumin seeds are fried add green chili and chopped onion in the oil and fry it well.
    • Step 6:Onion is fried now, add turmeric powder, cumin powder, puree (mustard seeds, poppy seeds, green chili, coconut powder and ginger-garlic puree) in the oil and let it fry well. Mixture is fried now add salt as needed for a taste and add one cup of water in the fried mixture. let the mixture boil.
    • Step 7:It is time to add fried chingri / prawns in the boil masala. mix it together and let the chingri boil and cook.
    • Step 8:Let the chingeri boil for 6-7 minutes. Check chingri boiled or not, if yes! Then shorsher chingri is ready serve it steamed rice or fulka.
    Shorsher chingri recipe
    Shorsher chingri recipe

    Serve this preparation with steamed rice and green chili. In West Bengal You will find the very spicy green chili, which you have to use very less, But here in Maharashtra you will get many type of chili and Maharashtra known for his Chili specialty, So I am using less spicy green chili in this recipe. in this shorsher chingri recipe post you will get the step by step instruction to make delicious shorsher chingri at home with the beautiful photographs.

    How to Make Bengali Style Shorsher Chingri at Home?

    “This is the single image instruction for Shorsher Chingri making, just follow the steps and your Shorsher Chingri will ready.“
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    1.Clean the prawns very well under running water and drain the water of it.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    2.Add turmeric powder in the prawns after the prawns are dry.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    3.Sprinkle salt on the prawns.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    4.Rub turmeric powder and salt on the prawns with the help of the hand.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    5.Keep this marinated chingri |prawns aside.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    6.Gather all ingredients at one place.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    7.Chop the onion. Add water in poppy seeds, coconut powder and mustard seeds. Let it soaked and make soft puree out of mustard seeds, coconut powder, poppy seeds, 2 green chili and ginger – garlic.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    8.Heat the oil and fry marinated chingri / Prawns in the oil.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    9.Now remove all the fried chingri / prawns from the oil and add cumin seeds in the oil.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    10.Add Green chili in there oil.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    11.Now add chopped onion and fry it well.
    12.It is time to add turmeric powder.
    13.Add cumin powder.
    14.Now add salt and puree of coconut powder, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, green chili and ginger-garlic.
    15.Let the mixture fry well.
    Add water
    16.Add one cup of water in the masala mixture.
    17.Add fried chingri / prawns in the masala mixture once masala mixture is boiled.
    18.Let the gravy Boil.
    Shorsher Chingri Recipe
    19.Shorsher Chingri / Mustard Prawn Curry Recipe / Bengali Style Shorsher Chingri is ready.

    Serve this type of shorsher chingri with steamed rice or fulka. You do not need side dish actually but if you also like to eat salad and side dish then make mango chutuny with it. Eat lemon and raw onion as salad, you can also eat cucumber and green chili with this flavorful and delicious dish.

    Additional Information

    • I am using soyabin oil to cook shorsher chingri, you can use mustered oil to cook this delicious dish.
    • Make very soft puree of Coconut powder, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, green chili and ginger-garlic, if the puree is not soft then sieve the puree first and then add it into the oil.
    • Soft puree is very important part of this recipe.
    • Using mustered oil instead of normal oil will give the traditional and authentic taste on Bengali shorsher chingri.
    • Frying chingri / prawns is very important to make Bengali style shorsher chingri.
    • You can use white or black mastard seeds, if using black one then stick to the quantity as given. If you don’t do this, then the gravy will taste bitter.
    • While frying the prawns keep distance between you and hot oil.
    • Always remember to make balance of slat you use for marination and salt you will going to add in gravy.

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