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Phirni Recipe | Firni Recipe

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    Phirni is the rose flavored creamy rice pudding prepared with wonderful and tasty sweet milk, it is also known as kheer. This sweet is made by boiling milk, rice, pistachio, almonds and sugar. Phirni is very easy to make sweet. Firni recipe | Phirni recipe | Rice firni recipe is basically rice pudding sweet which is very famous in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Afgan, Nepal and Bhutan. You will find this preparation at Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai in the holy month of Ramadan. Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai is the Iftar heaven in Ramadan. There are many recipes available for this preparation. But I am sharing with you one of the best recipe. After reading this article you will feel this recipe is best ever because it is too easy to make as well as give you perfect firni consistency, taste and flavor like a shopped Phirni.

    Phirni Recipe
    • Serve For : 6 People
    • Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 35 Minutes
    • Total Time :45 Minutes

    Firni is a traditional Indian dessert. This dessert is known for Awadi cuisine like Shahi tukda and it was mainly made by Rassoya (Chef / cook) for Nawab. Firni had origin of Iran and Indian subcontinent, as this is the traditional delicacy of Indian Awadi food. Awadi cuisine is the native of capital city of state Uttar Pradesh, which is Lucknow. Firni can also make by using broken wheat and sweet corn with the saffron stands, cardamom and rose flavored creamy boiled milk. If you like to eat sweet but with minimum sugar, so this delicious firni recipe is only for you. There are many sweets available here in market, but I like to eat firni and kaju katli. In the holy month of Ramadan I went to Mohammed Ali road to eat Ramadan special food and it was an amazing experience.

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    Phirni is also must made dish on Baisakhi in Punjab. Baisakhi is the festival of North Indian, mainly in Punjab. Baisakhi is the start of new year in North India. In India every festival is precious and important for everyone, usually all starts with traditional puja’s, cooking and eating traditional delicacy of every state and religion.

    India is know for unity in diversity and yes! we have many tradition, religions and of course traditional delicacy of food. I am sharing with you other dessert recipe too. This is one of the wonderful dessert to make on surprised occasion or small get together. If your guest always surprise you with the sudden visit, like my guests, then this recipe is perfectly suits for this surprising occasion. Firni is very common preparation in Punjabi household. So today I am sharing with you the recipe for Punjabi phirni.

    Ingredients for Phirni Recipe

    • 1/3 Bowl Basmati Rice
    • 2 tbsp Sugar
    • 1 liter Milk
    • 15-16 Almonds
    • 10-11 pistachio
    • Rose water
    • Rose petals (for garnishing)
    • Saffron
    • 4 Green Cardamom
    • Water to soak rice

    Process for Phirni Recipe

    Take one mixing bowl, add basmati rice in it and wast rice for 3 to 4 times. After the washing rice, add 3-4 cup of water in it and let it soak for 40 minutes. It is an important to wash rice very very clean, because of, the white color of firni is depends upon it.

    Step 1: Soaking rice in water makes rice smooth, so it will cook easily in milk. After rice is soaked then drain the water and let them dry there own or you can wipe the rice dry with the help of kitchen towel. Then grind the rice in grinder until it take the semi grind consistency like rava / semolina / sooji. After grinding the rice keep it aside and start to boil milk.

    Step 2: Take one deep and thick bottom pan, then add one liter milk in it. Boil the milk on low flame. Let the milk boil, till then take normal water and add almonds in it for 10-15 minutes. After the almond is soaked in water, discard the almond peels and crush the almonds-pistachio in semi grind consistency. Reserve few almonds and pistachio for garnishing. Also take sugar and cardamom in one bowl. If you want, you can use cardamom powder instead of whole green cardamom.

    Step 3: After the milk is boiled add sugar and cardamom in this boiled milk. Let the sugar dissolve in milk, stir it continuously. After the sugar is dissolved add cardamom, saffron, almond-pistachio powder in this sweet boiled milk. Stir milk continuously and add semi-grinned rice in this flavored milk.

    Step 4: Stir the this mixture continuously until it take the consistency of phirni. Remember, stir this mixture continuously because if you not do the same, it will stick to the pan and lumps should not form. For this use non-stick pan. After the rice is boiled and it is taken a phirni consistency add 4-5 drop rose water in it, off the flame. Adding the rose water will give very good fragrance of rose to phirni.

    Step 5: Now take earthen phirni bowl pore the phirni in this bowls and garnish almond, rose petals, pistachio and saffron on it. Once it cool cover the bowl with aluminium foil and keep it in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Ta Da! Phirni is ready. Serve this firni to your friends, guest and family.

    How to make two color Phirni:

    If you want to make two colors in firni then, take 1 tbsp boiled milk in one cup, add pinch of yellow food color and saffron in it. mix it well and pore this milk on half of the phirni. Remember first pore the phirni in phirni bowl and then pore this colored milk on it. It will give very beautiful look to your dessert. I am sharing with you the deep and step by step phirni recipe just follow the step and your phirni is ready.

    How to Make Phirni – Step-by-Step image instruction:

    *This is the single image instruction for Phirni making, just follow the steps and your Phrni is ready.

    1. Soak the rice in water for 40 Minutes.

    2. Drain the water and keep rice aside or you can also dry this rice with the help of towel.


    3. Soak almonds in normal water.

    4. Peel the almonds and take it, pistachio and saffron at one place.

    Grined Rice

    5. Grind the rice in semi grind consistency like semolina / sooji / rava.


    6. Boil the milk by adding cardamom and sugar.

    7. Add grind almonds and pistachio.

    8. Stir it continuously.


    9. Add semi-grind rice in the milk.

    Phirni making

    10. Add saffron, stir it continuously until rice is cooked and get phirni thickness.


    11. After 30 minutes of cooking check the rice is cooked or not and add 3-4 drop of rose water / kewara water and mix it well.


    12. Check the phirni thick-consistency and off the flame.

    Phirni bowl

    13. Pore the Phirni in Phirni bowl and keep it in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes


    14. Garnish almonds, pistachio and saffron on firni and decorate with the rose petals. serve chilled phirni.

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    Additional information

    • If you don’t have earthen phirni bowl so you can also use any other glass or steel bowl for serving firni.
    • Garnishing rose petals on phirni give a very authentic look to phirni.
    • Stir the Phirni continuously.
    • Add rose water in phirni after phirni is cooked.
    • Instead of rose water, you can use kewra water if available.
    • If you don’t have rose water as well as kewda water then don’t use it as it is totally optional.
    • For making phirni use a heavy bottom pan.

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