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Patta Gobhi Recipe – Cabbage Recipes – Cabbage Benefits – How to select the right cabbage

    Patta Gobhi Recipe – Cabbage Recipes – Cabbage Benefits – How to select the right cabbage – Here are the step-by-step photo and video instructions to make patta gobhi ki sabji | cabbage sabzi.

    Patta Gobhi recipe

    When asked to make a vegetable at home, the children in the house immediately shake their heads as they do not want to eat the vegetables. But it is also important to get proper nutrition for the body.

    So today I have come up with a simple but delicious recipe. If you don’t like leafy cabbage, try making cabbage this way once and you will eat four chapatis (indian bread) instead of one.

    The recipe is very simple but when you eat this vegetable you will know that it has not one but 2 tastes. The recipe is easy, unique, and amazing. This recipe is basically from my home kitchen.

    Every vegetable has its own benefits. Cabbage is also a vegetable that is healthy and tasty to eat. Here are some benefits of cabbage.

    Cabbage Benefits

    Here are the top 8 benefits of cabbage – patta gobhi:-

    1. The benefits of eating cabbage can also be for the eyes. According to medical research published on the NCBI website, cabbage contains lutein and zeaxanthin. Research has shown that these two elements can be helpful in keeping the eyes healthy and fixing the sight. This is why it is believed that cabbage can play an important role in keeping the eyes healthy.

    2. Cabbage can also be used to overcome the growing body weight. Leafy cabbage is rich in fiber and the fiber can work to control weight. In fact, fiber-rich foods keep the stomach full for a long time, so that you do not feel hungry again and again. Satiety means one does not eat much due to feeling full, which can lead to weight loss.

    3. The benefits of cabbage may also include cancer prevention. According to medical research conducted in this regard, leaf cabbage contains Brassinin, which may exhibit chemopreventive activity against cancer. This effect may be helpful in preventing cancerous tumors.

    According to other research done on the same subject, cabbage may have an anti-cancer effect. The same research also states that more studies are needed to confirm the anti-cancer effect of leaf cabbage. Keep in mind that cabbage cannot be relied upon in case of diseases like cancer. This requires medical treatment.

    4. Leafy cabbage can be helpful in boosting immunity. It is rich in Vitamin-C, which can help the immune system to function better. This is why the immune system is also counted among the benefits of eating cabbage. Cabbage juice can be consumed to boost immunity. In addition, Brussels sprouts of the same family, which look like leafy cabbage, are also rich in Vitamin-C and Vitamin-K, which can help boost immunity.

    5. The benefits of eating cabbage include the prevention of heart disease. Anthocyanin polyphenols present in cabbage are considered to be helpful in keeping the heart-healthy. It can keep the heart healthy by reducing the risk of free-radical damage. At the same time, anthocyanin polyphenols have antioxidant activity, which can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing cardiac oxidative stress.

    Also, the carotenoid pigment present in it can help keep the heart healthy and protect it from the risk of a heart attack. Anthocyanins are plant pigments. The deep purple color of red leaf cabbage is due to this reason. It is believed that the consumption of vegetables that contain anthocyanins can be beneficial for heart health.

    6. Cabbage can also be used to relieve stomach ulcers. According to scientific research published on the NCBI website, cabbage juice has antipeptic ulcer properties, which can work effectively on ulcers. Cabbage juice can be consumed to relieve stomach ulcers and its symptoms. Leafy cabbage can be useful in gastritis, peptic, and duodenal ulcers.

    7. Cabbage intake can also be beneficial for diabetics. The research was done on rats to confirm this. According to that research, red leaf cabbage has an anti-diabetic effect, which can reduce the problem of diabetes.

    The reason for this effect is the antihyperglycemic effect present in the cabbage extract, which can work to improve glucose tolerance and increase insulin levels. This can lower the amount of sugar in the blood. For this reason, diabetes is also counted among the benefits of cabbage.

    8. The benefits of leaf cabbage also include relieving digestion and constipation. According to a report, red leaf cabbage contains anthocyanins polyphenols, which can act to stimulate digestion. In addition, leaf cabbage is rich in fiber, and fiber is considered helpful for digestion. In fact, fiber can promote digestion as well as soften stools and help reduce constipation.

    We have seen so many benefits cabbage can provide to your body. But children do not like to eat vegetables at all. At such times, it is necessary to make a different recipe so that the children will happily eat vegetables.

    This recipe is really simple and your kids will love to eat it do one thing:- (bonus recipe)

    Take chapati, paratha or roti then add tomato ketchup on paratha. Spread it well, then add this cabbage ki sabji and then make roll. Offer this cabbage roll to your kids. Trust me they will love the taste of this cabbage roll. Excited for the recipe? So let’s get started.

    Ingredients for patta gobhi ki sabji

    • Patta Gobhi – 250 gram
    • Green chili – 2 nos
    • Oil – 3 tbsp
    • Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
    • Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp
    • Green chili + Garlic Paste – 1 tsp
    • Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp
    • Coriander Powder – 1 tsp
    • Salt – 1 tsp
    • Coriander Leaves – 1 tbsp
    • Sugar – 1 tsp

    This all ingredients are easily available at home. You just need this magical recipe to make delicious cabbage – patta gobhi ki sabji.

    How to make patta gobhi – cabbage ki sabji

    Patta Gobhi

    1. Firstly cut and wash cabbage. Now heat the oil.

    Patta Gobhi

    2. Add mustard seeds.


    3. Now add cumin seeds.

    Patta Gobhi

    4. Add green chilli.


    5. Fry well.

    Patta Gobhi

    5. Now add green chili & garlic paste in the oil.

    Patta Gobhi

    6. Fry well

    Patta Gobhi

    7. Add turmeric powder.

    Patta Gobhi

    8. Now add coriander powder


    9. Add salt.

    Patta Gobhi

    10. Mix well.

    Patta Gobhi

    11. Then add cabbage in the oil. 

    Patta Gobhi

    12. Mix well.

    Patta Gobhi

    13. Cover and cook for 10 mins.

    Patta Gobhi

    14. Add sugar.

    Patta Gobhi

    15. Mix well and cover again. Cook for 10 mins more.

    Patta Gobhi

    1. Cabbage ki sabji is ready. Garnish with coriander leaves.

    Patta Gobhi

    12. Serve with chapati, roti, bhakri, parata or make a roll and offer to your kids.

    This really a very simple and easy recipe, isn’t it? So do try this recipe at home and yes! So try our bonus recipe of cabbage roll. Below I am sharing some additional information for this patta gobhi ki sabji. And yes I am also sharing some information which will help you to choose the right cabbage.

    Cabbage selection

    1. If the leaf cabbage has turned yellow, do not buy it. Leafy cabbage should be of natural green or red color only.

    2. Always choose fresh leaf cabbage. Whether the leaf cabbage is fresh or not can be ascertained by looking at its stalk.

    3. If the stalk is black or light brown, do not buy it.

    4. Always choose only solid leaf cabbage.

    5. Look carefully at the leaves to see if there are any insect bite marks.

    6. Fresh leaf cabbage does not wither, so keep this in mind while buying.

    Additional Information

    1. Add garlic cloves instead of paste.

    2. You can use red chili powder instead of green chili.

    3. If you or any family member have diabetes skip adding sugar.

    Hope you like the post and recipe. Your valuable comments always motivate me to write more and more about my favorite niche which is food. If you feel any improvements or feedback then we always welcome you to do so.

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