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Patishapta Recipe | How to Make Patishapta with Coconut & Khoya Filling

    Patishapta Recipe | How to Make Patishapta with coconut & Khoya Filling

    Patishapta Recipe | How to Make Patishapta with coconut & Khoya Filling – Every year, on the occasion of Makar Sankranti you will find this delicious dish at every household in West Bengal. In India, every state has his own style of celebrating this festival. You will find that, there are many cultural programs are arranged to celebrate this very first festival of the new year. Here I am sharing with you the step by step photo instructions to make Patishapta.

    Patishapta recipe

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    In North India, Patishapta is a famous preparation to make in this beautiful winter season. Pithe and patishapta are totally different preparations. Pithe is like pancake which is made by rice flour. You will find this preparation especially in eastern states, eg. West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar. To make patishapta, dates jaggery is really very important. I am using normal jaggery here, so if you do not have the dates jaggery then use normal jaggery to make patishapta.

    Ingredients for Patishapta

    • 1 Cup Maid flour
    • 1/2 cup Sooji | Semolina
    • 3 tbsp Rice flour
    • 1 Cup Jaggery
    • 1 cup coconut
    • Ghee
    • 500 ml Milk
    • 5 Cardamom
    • 1 inch cinnamon
    • 100 Gram Khoya
    • Salt

    Process to Make Patishapta

    • Step 1:- Firstly gather all the ingredients at one place. Then take one mixing bowl, add rice flour, maida and sooji in it. Mix all together.
    • Step 2:- Now boil the milk and let it warm. You will need warm milk to make the batter for patishapta.
    • Step 3:- Take sooji, rice flour and Maida mixture, add pinch of salt and mix it well. Now start mixing warm milk in this flour mix. Make liquid consistency. Cover the batter and let it rest for 2 hours (More the better till 4 hours).
    • Step 4:- Start making filling for patishapta. Take one coconut and great it well.
    • Step 5:- Heat the pan add grated coconut powder, jaggery and khoya in the pan. Mix well and let the jaggery diluted & mix it with all the ingredients.
    • Step 6:- Now add milk in the mixture and make khoya keer. Cook till mixture get the consistency. Do not make it very dry because mixture will be dry after sometime.
    • Step 7:- Let the mixture cool, once it is ready.
    • step 8:- Now heat the non-stick pan and pore half small cup batter in the pan and give it round roti shape like dosa.
    • step 9:- Wait until the roti cooked by one side, then take khoya kheer filling and give it small cylinder shape and place it on the one side of the roti.
    • Step 10:- Now start making roll using the spatula. Pitashapta is ready.
    Patishapta recipe akuner

    Making patishapta at home is very interesting task. I have shared process to make patishapta here, but if you are making this dish first time, then visualization is important. Find the step by step image instructions to make patishapta below.

    How to Make Patishapta at Home?

    This is the step by step image instruction to make tasty patishapta at home. Follow the steps and your patishapta will be ready in minutes.

    1.Firstly boil the milk.

    2.Gather sooji (Semolina), rice flour and maida flour at one place.

    3.Take one mixing bowl and add this all flours in it.

    4.Mix all together with the help of spatula.

    5.Add pinch of salt in the mixture.

    6.Take half cup jaggery.

    7.You will need warm milk to make this batter.


    8.Now mix all flour and salt.

    9.Start adding milk in the flour mix.


    10.slowly start mixing all together.

    11.Now add jaggery in the mixture.


    12.You can see the all things are mixed.


    13.Now add the milk and make smooth batter like dosa.


    14.See the consistency.


    15.Take grated coconut, jaggery and Khoya at one place.


    16.Also need cinnamon and cardamom.

    17.Heat the pan and grated coconut in it.

    18.Stir it continuously.

    19.Now add jaggery in it.

    20.Also add milk.

    21.Mix well and let it boil.

    22.Add whole cinnamon and cardamom.

    23.Let the kheer capture aroma of cinnamon and cardamom.


    24.Remove the cinnamon after 5 minutes.


    25.Let the mixture moisturize and soak all the milk.


    26.You can see the mixture is not too dry and not too diluted.

    27.Heat the flat pan (tava) and add half curry spoon liquid on the pan and give it a round shape like dosa.


    28.After 5 minutes you can see the round dish is getting glass texture, means it is cooked now.


    29.So make a cylinder shape ball of coconut khoya kheer.


    30.Place it on one side of the round dish.


    31.Start making roll on hot plate itself and make coconut khoya kheer roll.


    32.Let it cook properly and your Patishapta is ready.

    Patishapta is a popular dish to have in winter season. Every Bengali has personal feelings and true love for this dish. In winter season dates jaggery will be available easily. So in this season you will find different type of pithe. Making pithe is a interesting task. Do not confuse with pithe and patishapta, both are different preparation. So make this delicious patishapta at home and enjoy this beautiful winter season.

    Additional Information

    • Do not use cold milk to make batter.
    • Let the patishapta cook well from one side and then make a roll.
    • If available then use dates jaggery, it will give you a authentic taste of patishapta.

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