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Palak Recipe | Palak Ki Sukki Sabji | Spinach Recipe

    Palak Recipe | Palak Ki Sukki Sabji | Spinach Recipe

    Palak Recipe | Palak Ki Sukki Sabji | Spinach Recipe – Eating leafy vegetables is considered very nutritious for the body. But most of the time members of the house don’t like leafy vegetables at all, in my house, you can see a lot of drama while eating leafy vegetables.

    Palak Recipe | Palak Ki Sukki Sabji | Spinach Recipe

    So what I do is, I try to make different types of recipes for everyone to eat leafy greens. Today, I am going to share one such easy and delicious recipe with you.

    It’s winter now so it’s important to eat vegetables that warm the body these days and in the winter, you will get good quality fresh leafy vegetables in the market.

    The question of what to make out of spinach is bothering us every day. You can’t make palak paneer every day and you won’t even like to eat the same dish every day, so I thought of making something new and delicious with palak. This spinach recipe is very easy to make and needs fewer ingredients.

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    If you are wondering how to Make Palak Saag at home in a unique way and new taste? Then you are at the right place to get your answer.

    Ingredients for Palak Sabji

    • Spinach (palak) : 1 bundle
    • Green Onion : 1/2 bundle
    • Onion: 1 medium finely chopped
    • Green chilies : 3-4 finely chopped
    • Oil : 3 -4 tsp
    • Ginger & Garlic Paste : 1 tsp
    • Turmeric: 1/2 tsp
    • Salt to taste

    These are ingredients to make a unique and delicious dish out of spinach. Easily available ingredients make this dish easy to make. So let’s make his unique recipe of palak.

    How to make palak ki sukhi sabji

    • Cut the roots from the leaves of Palak and wash them thoroughly 2 – 3 times.
    • Now cut the leaves into pieces and steam cook (one pressure in a pressure cooker). Keep the pressure cooker aside and let it cool completely. Once it is cool, grind it into a puree.
    • Make a paste of ginger-garlic.
    • Heat oil in a pan till it smokes out and let it cool for a while.
    • Add cumin seeds and let them pop up. Now add ginger garlic paste, chopped onion, and green chilies. Fry it till the paste changes color to brown.
    • Add turmeric and asafoetida.
    • Now add the puree of palak and methi and stir. Add salt as per the taste and let it come to a boil.
    • Garnish with butter/ghee and serve it with corn flour chapati (make ki roti).

    Try this recipe at home and share your experience with us. If you want some other recipes from us, please feel free to ask in the comment box or write a mail to us.

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