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Mutton Curry Recipe | How to Make Mutton Curry – For Beginners

    Mutton Curry Recipe | How to Make Mutton Curry – For Beginners | Bengali Style Mutton Curry Recipe | Mutton Masala

    Mutton Curry Recipe | How to Make Mutton Curry – For Beginners | Bengali Style – Mutton Curry Recipe – Here you will get step by step image instructions to make Mutton curry. This is a food, for which everyone has a separate place in their heart. There are different types of recipes available for mutton like, mutton chops, mutton biryani, mutton kebabs etc, but mutton curry has its own fanbase. Here, I am sharing with you a Bengali style Mutton Curry.

    mutton curry

    Making this Bengali style mutton curry is a really easy task compared to normal mutton curry which my aunt makes in my home. In my house, you really need to work hard to make tasty mutton curry and it is a time consuming process too. But this recipe is too easy to make, so beginners can make it easily. 

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    If you ever wonder how to make a delicious mutton curry at home then you’re at the right place to get your answer with satisfaction. I will share the complete recipe of this easy mutton curry with you. Try this recipe at home and do not forget to share your experience with me. To make this dish you just have to follow some easy steps and it will be ready in a short time period.

    mutton curry


    • 250 gram Mutton
    • 2 Tomatoes
    • 3 tbsp oil
    • 2 Onion
    • 20 Garlic cloves
    • 7-8 Green chili
    • 1 inch piece of Ginger
    • 2 Potato
    • 1 inch cinnamon
    • 2 dry red chili
    • 1 tsp Garam masala
    • 3 bay leaves
    • 1 tsp red chili powder
    • 2 tsp turmeric powder
    • 1/2 lemon
    • 3 tsp coriander powder
    • 1 tsp cumin powder
    • salt
    • water

    Process to Make Mutton Curry

    • Step 1:- Firstly take mutton in one big size bowl and wash it well. Then pour half lemon in it. Keep it aside.  
    • Step 2:- Now cut the veggies and gather all ingredients at one place. After cutting the veggies you will need to make paste of ginger, chili and onion. Make the puree of tomatoes too.  
    • Step 3:-Now take all whole spices in a mixer grinder or Khalabata (traditional grinder made with stone) and grind it together in semi grind consistency. Remember we do not need powder of spices.
    • Step 4:- Heat the oil and add this semi grind whole spices in the hot water. As this is Bengali style mutton curry mustard oil is an important part of it. But due to some allergic issues I am using normal refined oil. Let the whole spices splutter there aroma in the oil.
    • Step 5:- Cut the potato in two pieces. Add this potato in aromatic hot oil, fry it well. So keep it aside.
    • Step 6:-Now add marinated mutton in the hot aromatic oil and stir it continuously. Also add salt.
    • Step 7:- After frying mutton add tomato puree in the mutton. Add water in spices and make the puree, add this puree in the mutton. Mix all together.
    • Step 8:- After 2 minutes check the mutton and add puree of green chili, garlic, ginger and onion in the mutton. Cover it for 15 minutes.
    • Step 9:- It is time to add fried potatoes in the mutton. Mix all together and let it boil on steam.
    • Step 10:- Check after 15 minutes, you can see mutton is totally dry now. Add water in the mutton and make the gravy. Let it boil until the mutton cooks fully and gets soft.
    • Step 11:- After 15 minutes check whether the mutton is cooked or not. If yes, then sprinkle garam masala on it.

    Bengali mutton curry is ready to serve. You can serve this curry with rice, roti or pulao. I ate this mutton curry with steam rice. But as I interacted with some native Bengali people, they told me that they like to have this curry with ‘Mishti pulao’ (sweet pulao) too. Read below – step by step image instructions to make this delicious dish.

    How to Make Mutton Curry?

    This is the step by step image instructions for Mutton Curry recipe. You have to follow the steps and delicious food will be ready in minutes.

    1.Wash the Mutton well.

    2.Pour Lemon juice in it. Mix well ad keep it aside.

    3.Cut all the veggies and gather all the needed ingredients at one place.

    4.Heat the oil.

    5.Cut the potatoes in two pieces.

    6.Now crush the whole spices and add it in hot oil.

    7.Add potatoes in the oil. Fry it well and keep it aside.

    8.Take a powder of spices, add water and keep it aside.

    9.Now add mutton in the hot aromatic oil. Add Salt.

    10.Make puree of onion, green chili, ginger and garlic.

    11.We need tomato puree too.

    12.Add tomato puree in the mutton.

    13.Now add water added powder of spices. Wait for 2 minutes.

    mutton curry

    14.Add onion, garlic, green chili an ginger puree in it.

    mutton curry

    15.Cover it for 15 minutes.

    mutton curry

    16.Mutton is dry, add a little amount of water and wait for 15 minutes. 

    mutton curry

    17.After 15 minutes add fried potatoes in the curry.

    mutton curry

    18.Check after 15 minutes. It is dry again.

    mutton curry

    19.Add water. Sprinkle Garam Masala on curry.

    mutton curry

    20.Mutton Curry is ready.

    In Bengal you will find this preparation in every alternate house. I ate this mutton curry first time when I went to Kolkata for Durga puja. Mutton is an essential part of any Bengali house. In West Bengal people are crazy for mutton preparation, especially for the Khashir Mangsho jhol.

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    This mutton curry is best paired with steam rice. As a  Bengali Wife I know that how the Bengali people are crazy for this mutton curry and rice. If you ask I will say I love to eat hot rice and gravy not mutton pieces. As I am not that much fond of Mutton.

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    In my house this dish is prepared in a totally different way. My aunt always cooks mutton first in onion, turmeric and salt. She has her own style of making this dish. As I am a ‘Marathi Mulgi’ I love to eat spicy food. So the curry made by my aunt is always on the top of my favorite recipe list. Whenever I get a chance to cook mutton I always use her recipe.

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    Additional Tips For Mutton Curry

    • Always buy fresh mutton.
    • Add little amount of water while frying the mutton.
    • You can make kasha mangsho (dry) too.

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    • Thank you so much for this recipe. This is different than other regular mutton recipes in which onion++ pastes goes in before tomato paste and mutton itself.
      Stay safe.

      • Ohh… Thank you so much Rupali…. I am glad that you like the recipe. Basically this recipe is for beginners, so everyone can make tasty mutton curry.. Hope you will love other recipes too… Stay healthy and stay safe…


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