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Motichoor Ladoo Recipe

    Motichoor Ladoo Recipe | Authentic Motichoor Ladoo Recipe | How to Make Perfect Motichoor Ladoo at Home

    Wedding and Motichoor Ladoo is a popular equation. Marriages are made in heaven and this event is very special for everyone. We love to make this special occasion very special with the delightful presence of tasty sweets. Motichoor ladoo is a sweet which you can find easily on every sweet shop. But making Motichoor ladoo at home has there own importance. So here, you will get step by step image instruction to make perfect motichoor ladoo at home with very easy steps.

    Motichoor Ladoo is a random sweet on every alternate wedding. Basically, in all type of ladoo preparation motichoor ladoo has his own fan base. So make this motichoor ladoo at home and surprise your beloved. This recipe is very quick and easy to make, so try this recipe at home and do not forget to tell me about your experience.

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    So the most awaited wedding season is started and dessert is the obvious part of this memorable occasion. For this special occasion, I am sharing very special and easy recipe for motichoor ladoo. You will need easily available ingredients to make this special dish on any special occasions to offer to your very special guests.

    • Serve For : 4 People
    • Preparation Time : 15 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 10 Minutes
    • Total Time : 1 Hour 25 Minutes (1 hour in refrigerator)
    • Diet : Vegeterian
    • Course : Dessert

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    Ingredients for Motichoor Ladoo

    To make this Motichoor ladoo you will need jhara or say mold for Boondi making. This mold will be easily available at any steel cutlery shop.

    Process for Motichoor Ladoo

    • Step 1:-Firstly take one bowl of gram flour and add it in big size mixing bowl. Now add baking powder, orange food color and milk in the chickpea flour, mix well. Then add water in the mixture and mix all together. Now check the consistency of the mixture to make Motichoor ladoo with help of whisk.
    • Step 2:-Heat the oil and take mould for motichoor, now hold the mould on the the oil pan and pore gram flour batter in this mould. Tap the mould and make boondi | Motichoor out of the batter. After tapping the the mould you can see small size of boondi is floating on top oil the hot oil. Fry this boondi crispy.
    • Step 3:-Take on broad and deep pan. Add sugar and water in the pan. boil the sugar syrup for 5 minutes, then add cardamom and orange food colour. Make a perfect consistency of sugar syrup do not make it very thick and too diluted. Turn off the gas.
    • Step 4:- Remove cardemom from sugar syrup. Add fry boondi in warm sugar syrup. Also add crushed dry fruits in the mixture and mix all together.
    • Step 5:- After mixing this all together, place this mixture in refrigerator for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
    • Step 6:- one hour is over! Now place tissues in one plate. Take the mixture and start making small ball out of it. Before making the laddoo make your hands oily with the help of ghee.
    • Step 7:- Ladoo is ready now. Place sliver leaf and crushed dry fruits on the ladoo. Place and store Motichoor Laddoo in one air tight container.

    This is the process to make motichoor laddo at home, but if you are making this sweet first time then visualization is very much important. Here, I am sharing with you the step by step image instructions to make this delicious dessert at home. Let’s get started.

    How to make Motichoor Laddoo at Home?

    How to make delicious Motichoor ladoo at home? Then step by step photo instructions to make authentic Motichoor ladoo is here for you. Explore something new. Follow the step by step image instructions to make delicious Motichoor ladoo.

    1. Take one bowl of chekpea flour.

    2. you will need orange food color and one bowl of sugar.

    3. Take pinch of baking powder and 3-4 type of dry fruits.

    4. You will need motichoor ladoo jhara.

    5. Take desi ghee.

    6. Kewra water and cardamom.

    7. Add sugar in one pan.

    8. Also add same amount of water.

    9. let the water boil.

    10. Now add cardamom in sugar syrup.

    11. Mix it well with help of spatula.

    12. Add orange food color.

    13. Check the qunatity of food color, so the sugar syrup will look good.

    14. Mix well.

    15. Check the consistency of sugar syrup.

    16. Sugar syrup is ready.

    17. Now take one large size mixing bowl and place sieving pan on it.

    18. sieve the gram flour.

    19. Now the gram flour is sieved finely.

    20. Add half cup of milk (Room temperature) in the gram flour.

    21. Also add pinch of baking powder.

    22. Add 1/2 tsp orange food color.

    23. It is time to add ghee.

    24.Mix all together.

    25. Mixture is perfectly mixed now.

    26. Again add half cup(Room temperature) of milk.

    27. Mix it well with the help of whisker.

    28. Add little amount of water and mix it well.

    29. Make a good consistency.

    30. Heat the oil and pore some mixture on motichoor laddoo jhara.

    31. Tap the jhara on hot oil with sufficient distance and make motichoor.

    Motichoor ladoo

    32. Fry the motichoor well.

    33. place tissue in one plate.

    Motichoor ladoo

    34. Check the boondi / motichoor is fried or not.

    Motichoor ladoo

    35. place fried motichoor / boondi on tissue, so it will soak excess oil.

    Motichoor ladoo

    36. Let the boondi / motichoor cool and add it in one mixer grinder bowl.

    Motichoor ladoo

    37. Grind it in semi grind consistency.

    Motichoor ladoo

    38. Now take sugar syrup and remove cardamom form warm sugar syrup.

    Motichoor ladoo

    39. Also add 2-3 drops of kewra water or rose water in the sugar syrup.

    Motichoor ladoo

    40. Crush the dry fruits.

    Motichoor ladoo

    41. Add crushed dry fruits in the sugar syrup.

    Motichoor ladoo

    42. Mix well.

    Motichoor ladoo

    43. Now this is time to add semi grind motichoor in the sugar syrup.

    Motichoor ladoo

    44. Mix all together very well.

    Motichoor ladoo

    45. Set this mixture in refrigerator for 1 hour.

    Motichoor ladoo

    46. Now place the tissue in one plate.

    Motichoor ladoo

    47. keep silver leaf handy.

    Motichoor ladoo

    48. Check the mixture after one hour.

    Motichoor ladoo

    49. Now make your hands oily with the help of ghee and start making ladoo.

    Motichoor ladoo

    50. Give the proper shape of motichoor ladoo.

    Motichoor ladoo

    51. Place ladoo on tissue.

    Motichoor ladoo

    52. Ladoos are ready.

    Motichoor ladoo

    53. Now decorate the ladoo with silver leaf and crushed dry fruits.

    Motichoor Ladoo is ready to serve to your special guests. Use of silver paper is totally optional. You can use only dry fruits to decorate this motichoor ladoos. Making this sweet on special occasions will give you the chance to convert this occasion in golden memories. So cook this dish and collect the compliments for your cooking skills from your be loved.

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    Additional Information for Motichoor Ladoo

    • Do not cook boondi / Motichoor too crispy.
    • Making sugar syrup is very important process. Mark up to perfect thickness.
    • Use of silver leaf is totally optional.
    • Semi grind motichoor or boondi it is also a optional thing. you can make motichoor ladoo without grinding the boondi.

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