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Milk Powder Sweet | Milk Powder Burfi Recipe

    Milk Powder Sweet | Milk Powder Burfi Recipe

    Milk Powder Sweet | Milk Powder Burfi Recipe – India is a beautiful country with glorious tradition and reach culture. In India, we celebrate various festival in different religions. Whatever the culture or religion, sweet | Mithai is obvious part of every holy occasion. So here I am sharing Milk powder Sweet Recipe with you. In this post you will get step by step photo instructions to make Milk powder sweet | milk powder Burfi.

    Milk powder sweet

    A very Happy Diwali to all my blog reader! On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, cook this delicious sweet. Milk powder burfi is very easy and less time consuming dessert to make on any occasion. In this Diwali make this sweet at home and spread your love with your friends and family. We are celebrating Diwali now and everyday, new dessert recipe is really very important to cook, so cook this milk powder sweet at home and collect complements for your cooking skills from your loved one.

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    In my house Kaju Katli, Chirote, Laddo and milk powder burfi are favorite sweets to eat on every occasion. Basically, to eat milk powder sweet I don’t need any occasion, whenever I crave for something sweet, I always cook this instant milkpowder burfi for me and my family. You will find many recipes for milk powder burfi but this recipe is best ever, because you will need very less time and ingredients to make this flavorful dessert.

    Milk powder sweet
    • Serve For : 2 People
    • Preparation Time : 5 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
    • Total Time : 25 Minutes
    • Diet : Vegeterian
    • Course : Dessert

    To make this mouth watering sweet we need very few ingredients – Milk powder, ghee, sugar and water are basic ingredients for this sweet recipe. So let’s start to collect and gather all needed ingredients at one place. In this post you will get step by step image instructions to make milk powder sweet at home.

    Ingredients for Milk powder Sweet | Milk powder Burfi

    • 1 Bowl Milk Powder
    • 1 tbsp Ghee
    • 1/2 cup Sugar
    • 1/2 cup water
    • 2 tsp Milk
    • Pistachio
    • Rose water
    • Almond
    • 3 Cardamom
    • Saffron
    • Rose Petals

    Process for Milk powder sweet | Milk powder Burfi

    • Step 1:- Firstly make a sugar syrup. We do not need perfect sugar syrup, just dissolve sugar in water and turn off the gas.
    • Step 2:- Now take milk powder and add it in to the sugar syrup. Keep gas off when you are adding milk powder in sugar syrup.
    • Step 3:- Mix milk powder very well in sugar syrup, make sure that no lumps should form. Then Take 1/2 bowl milk and add saffron and rose water in it. Mix all well and this milk in milk powder mixture. Mix all together.
    • Step 4:- Now add one tsp ghee in this mixture all mix it well. Let the mixture take thickness. Meanwhile pore little amount of ghee in one plat and spread it well in this plat.
    • Step 5:- Check the batter is a ready or not. If yes then pore this batter in the oily plat. Cut some almonds, cashew and pistachio. Garnish this all on the batter and keep this plat in the refrigerator for 4 hours.
    • Step 6:- After 4-5 hours check the milk powder burfi is set or not. If yes then cut this set batter in square shape. Now garnish rose petals.
    Milk powder sweet

    Above is the process to make milk powder sweet at home. But, if you are making this sweet first time then visualization is very important. Here I am sharing with you the step by step image instructions for milk powder sweet recipe. It will help you to make delicious milk powder burfi.

    How to Make Milk Powder Sweet or Milk Powder Burfi at home?

    This is step by step photo instructions to make Milk Powder Sweet at home? To make this delicious burfi you just have to follow this instructions and your Milk powder burfi will be ready.

    1.Take half bowl sugar.

    2.Add this sugar in deep pan.

    3.Add half bowl of water in this sugar.

    4.Let the sugar dissolve.

    5.Add cardamom in the sugar syrup.

    6.Also add pinch of saffron. Mix it well.

    7.Now take 2 tbsp milk.

    8.Add 2 drops of rose water.

    9.Also add pinch of saffron in the milk. Mix well.

    10.Now sugar is dissolve.

    11.Take one bowl of milk powder.

    milk powder sweet

    12. Add this one bowl milk powder in sugar syrup. While adding milk powder in sugar syrup turn off the gas.

    milk powder sweet

    13.Start mixing all together with the help of spoon.

    14.Remove cardamom from the mixture.

    milk powder sweet

    15.Make sure no lumps should form.

    milk powder sweet

    16.Now add saffron and rose water added milk in this mixture. Mix all together.

    milk powder sweet

    17.You can see mixture is getting separated from the pan.

    milk powder sweet

    18.Add ghee in the mixture.

    milk powder sweet

    19.Pore some ghee in the plate and spread it well.

    milk powder sweet

    20.Now mixture is thick, so pore this mixture in oily plate.

    milk powder sweet

    21.Cut almond, cashew and pistachio.

    milk powder sweet

    22.garnish cute dry fruits on the mixture. Set it in refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

    Milk powder sweet

    23.After the milk powder Sweet | Burfi is ready cut it and decorate it with rose petles.

    Milk powder dessert is ready to serve, so offer this dessert to your friends and family with love. So in this Diwali use this recipe and make this milk powder burfi at home and collect complements for your cooking skills. This milkpowder burfi is a sweet and flavorful preparation of milk powder.

    Additional Inforamtion

    • Do not over cook the mixture. If you do so then it will turn chewy.
    • This is simple and instant method to make milk powder Mithai | Burfi.
    • I would suggest to use minimum quantity of sugar. It will give you a best taste of this dessert.

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