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Malvani Fish Fry Recipe| How to Make Malvani Pomfret Fish Fry with Malvani Masala

    Malvani Fish Fry Recipe| How to Make Malvani Pomfret Fish Fry with Malvani Masala

    How to Make Malvani Pomfret Fish Fry with Malvani Masala – Here, find step by step video instructions to make delicious and crispy pomfret fry with malvani masala.

    I know you are confused with the word Malvani, ok! then, let me introduced you to one splendid part of Maharashtra’s geography ‘Malvan’. This is a Taluka situated in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra state. Sindhudurg is a southernmost district of Maharashtra.

    Malvani pomfret fish fry is a preparation of fish coated with spicy red chilli, malvani masala and rice flour. Using rice flour for coating make it crispy.

    Malvani fish fry

    Malvan is a beautiful beachfront location. If you love the sea beaches, then visit this place. You will get to taste delicious food in Malvan. Specially the spices here are very different and tasty. If you love to eat fish, then you can also enjoy different preparation made with Malavni spices and fresh fish direct from the sea.

    In all malvani preparations, my favorite is pomfret fry, rice and solkadhi. So, here I am sharing with you a recipe for my favorite Malvani style pomfret fish fry.

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    Malvan means a beautiful sea beaches, culture and delicious malvani style sea food. Whenever I want a quiet time for myself, I choose Malvan to go for a travel.

    Konkan is also one place where you will get this type of preparation. This place is also known for clear sea beaches, fort and sea food. If you love visit beaches then I would recommend you to visit Malvani and Konkan.

    There are many preparations which will win your heart, pomfret fish fry with malvani masala is amazing. So let’s start to make this delicious dish.


    • Silver Pomfret – 2 nos
    • Dry Red Chilli – 4 nos
    • Garlic Cloves – 6 nos
    • Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp
    • Malvani Masala – 2 tbsp
    • Salt – 1 tsp
    • Kokan Extract – 1tbsp
    • Rice Flour – 2 tsbp
    • Oil for frying

    If you ask me how it would be to visit Malvan then I would like to tell you that, If you want to experience an unforgettable joy in life, visit Malvan once.

    How to Make Malvani Style Pomfret Fish Fry

    1. Soak 4 dry red chilies in warm water for 10 mins

    2. Then grind soaked red chili and garlic cloves together.

    3. Now paste is ready. Transfer this paste into bowl.

    4. Add salt, turmeric powder, kokam extract, malvani masala and rice flour.

    5. Mix well and our fish fry masala is ready.

    6. Now take pomfret fish and coat it well with masala.

    7. Fry this fish in moderately hot oil on low flame.

    8. Fry fish for 2 mins on high flame and then cover it fry for 5 mins on low flame.

    9. We need to fry fish from each side by following above time and process.

    10. And Malvani style pomfret fish fry is ready to serve.

    Really simple, isn’t it? This is a very easy recipe and it can be made in a short time, so do it and if you like the recipe, share it with your family and friends. I also like hear from you about your recipe of pomfret fish fry so please share your special fish fry recipe with us in comment box.

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