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Lachha Paratha Recipe

    Lachha Paratha Recipe | How to Make Lachha Paratha

    Lachha Paratha is a preparation of maida flour with good amount of ghee or oil. What can be more good than homemade lachha paratha with chicken. As I suggested in my previous post (Tawa Chicken Leg Recipe), this paratha is best suit with the chicken leg and I also love to eat this paratha with chicken curry. This is very popular paratha in North India.

    Lachha Paratha
    Lachha Paratha

    We will going to use 4 ingredients only to make this crunchy lachha paratha and you will find this all ingredients easily at home. To cook perfect lachha paratha keep frying pan always on medium-low flame, because if you cook this paratha on high flame it will not cooked fully. Lachha paratha is very famous Indian bread which is served with many dishes like palak saag, tawa chicken, chicken curry and many more. You can also cook, stuffed paratha for lunch , dinner or breakfast whenever you want, but our today’s dish is lachha partha or say multi layered paratha which is goes well with mutton / chicken gravy or sukkha chicken preparation, this is not the stuffed paratha.

    Like, share the simplest way to roll lachha paratha!

    After reading this post and watching the video you will feel that, how easy it is! to make lachha paratha at home. After all my research I found this method of making lachha paratha, which is very easy like a magic. The process I specially like which is, for making dough which made my lachha paratha soft, crunchy and easy to roll. Do try this recipe my friends, I am sure that you will love this recipe too. You will find lot of version of this recipe, everyone has their own style and comfort to make this paratha. I am sharing with you the recipe with the way I like to prepared. My family like this type of lachha paratha. So excited for the recipe? Then read on!

    Lachha Paratha
    Lachha Paratha
    • Serve For : 2 People
    • Preparation Time : 7 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 15 Minutes
    • Total Time : 22 Minutes

    Lachha paratha is prepared with multi layers, perhaps it is the mostly confusing part for making it, but you don’t worry! In this article you will get video instruction to make or way to make a perfect multi layer lachha paratha. I know your curious about how to make Lachha Paratha at home? So here I am sharing with you the “Lachha Paratha Recipe” with video instructions for rolling multi layer paratha. There are many recipes available for lachha partha, but this recipe is best ever!

    Ingredients for Lachha paratha

    • 2 Cup of maida flour
    • 1 Egg
    • Salt
    • 2 tsp Oil
    • 1 Pinch of baking soda
    • Water
    • Ghee

    How to Make Lachha Partha?

    Before start paratha making process, make sure that you have all ingredients in your hand. Wash hands and start the preparation.

    Making the dough
    Making the dough

    Step 1: Let’s start to make paratha dough. Take 2 cup of maida flour in one mixing bowl. Add egg, pinch of baking soda, salt and oil in this flour, mix it very well. Knee the soft dough with the help of your hands, further grease the dough with oil. Keep it aside and rest it for 15 minutes. you can make the Instant Chicken or tawa chicken in this 15- 20 minutes.

    Step 2: After 15-20 minutes paratha dough is ready, so start to roll the paratha. This is very important step while making a lachha paratha or layered paratha. Take the dough at flat surface and stretch the dough as much as possible with help of the oily hands (rub ghee or oil on your hands before you start to knee the dough). Now divide the dough in the equal portions.

    Roll the paratha
    Roll the paratha

    Step 3: It time to roll multilayered lachha paratha, so take equally divided pieces of the dough, then Make ball out of the dough and start a rolling the fallten roti also dust some maida flour. Make 5-6 inch diameter circle. After rolling the roti spray some ghee or oil and sprinkle dry flour on it. Now mark a half cut from the center.

    Step 4: Have you narked the half cut? Yes! ok then brush with ghee and sprinkle some dry flour on it, now fold it completely along the radius of the circle. It is time to open the petals and press it to make a roll dough ball again as shown in the video, now sprinkle dry maida flour and start to roll the thin circle again. Our multilayered lachha partha is rolled now so bush it with the ghee. Let’s start roasting process.

    Step 5: Heat the pan and place the rolled lachha partha on it. Keep pan on medium heat and roast the paratha from both the side. Make sure gas is always on medium-low flame and don’t forget to add ghee on it. I love to eat ghee, so I am going to use as much as possible. You can roast partha in oil also if you don’t like to roast it in ghee.

    Dish is ready, serve this with tawa chicken or with the gravy. If you are weight conscious or you are on dieting then use minimal ghee or oil. Paratha’s are famous in Punjab, you will find many type of paratha’s over there. I love to eat paneer paratha, if you want to prepare it at home then find my paneer paratha recipe, it is very easy and quick.

    Make a different type of chutney to eat with this paratha like pudina chutney, tomato chutney and of course dahi chutney. Enjoy the paratha in this monsoon season with chutney, curry, chicken or the simple paratha with chaiiii. Basically in your morning routine, for breakfast it will be the good suit. Because Paratha will fill your tummy fully, paratha is a preparation which is best suit for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so no worry make paratha’s at home whenever you want. Enjoy the crunchy still soft lachha paratha.

    Like this recipe and spread your love with your friends and family! Happy cooking!

    Additional Information For Lachha Paratha

    • If you want to make vegetarian lachha paratha then don’t add egg in the dough, only add baking soda.
    • Roast paratha in oil instead of ghee, it is depend upon you.
    • If someone have a digestion problem then you can make the dough of 2 cup of maida flour and 1 cup wheat flour, it would be easy for digestion.

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