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Khasta Kachori Recipe | Easy Kachori Recipe For Quarantine

    Khasta Kachori Recipe | Easy Kachori Recipe For Quarantine | Mung Dal Kachori Recipe | Easy Kachori Recipe with Chutney | Khasta Kachori with Minimum Ingredients | How to Make Khasta Kachori

    Khasta Kachori Recipe | Easy Kachori Recipe For Quarantine – Here, you will get step by step image instructions to make Khasta Kachori and Tamarind Chutney. Corona virus pandemic is going on and we all are home quarantine. In this quarantine period all grocery items are not available at home. So, in this recipe we will learn how to make Khasta mung dal Kachori in minimum ingredients. Follow step by step image instructions to make Khasta kachori or mung dal kachori at home with minimum ingredients and efforts.


    Kachori is also know as Kachodi, Katchuri, Kachauri, etc. This is quite famous sanck in overall India. You will find deferent versions of Kachori like, Shehegao Kachori, Khasta Kachori, plain Kachori, Onion Kachori and so on. Have you ever wonder how to make perfect Khasta Kachori at home? Then here is your answer in simple manner. This recipe is very easy and suitable for the beginners, who all are just started to cooking some basic food.

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    As I told you, in India there are different versions of this snack, but mung dal kachori is bit popular. In my childhood, whenever I wanted to go out with my grandfather, the main reason behind it to eat tasty mung dal kachori. We have one farsan shop | Snack shop near my house and they make really very tasty kachodi, vada pav and Samosa. Me and my all cousins are always excited to go and eat tasty snack from this shop.


    Corona virus pandemic is going on and there is no scope to go outside and eat some famous and delicious snack due to quarantine. No worry we can make it at home. For this purpose I am sharing this easy khasta kachori recipe in available ingredients which you can prepare easily at home and enjoy the tasty snack. If you love to eat Kachori chat then this recipe is best ever.

    Ingredients For Kachori

    • 1/2 Bowl Mung Dal
    • 1 bowl Maida flour
    • 2 tbsp sooji | Semolina
    • 1/2 tsp Ajwain
    • 1 tsp Sugar
    • 2 tsp Aamchoor powder
    • 2 tsp Fennel seeds | Souf
    • 1 tsp Cumin Powder
    • 2 tsp Red chili powder
    • 1 tsp turmeric powder
    • 2 tsp coriander powder
    • 1 tsp Coriander seeds
    • 1/2 tsp ginger-garlic paste
    • 1 tsp cumin seeds
    • Salt
    • Water
    • Oil for frying

    Process for kachori

    • Step 1:- Soak Mung dal in water for 2 hrs. Then drain the water and let it dry for 15 minutes. Now grind this mung dal in semi grind consistency and keep it aside.
    • Step 2:- Start making dough for this delicious snack. Firstly take maida flour in one big size bowl. Then add Sooji and mix it well. Now add oil, Ajwain and salt in the flour and mix all together. The add water as required and make a soft dough out of it. Cover the dough and keep it aside.
    • Step 3:- Now start to make filling. Heat the oil and add coriander seeds, fennel seeds & cumin seeds in it. Then add red chili powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder and fry it well. Now add Semi grind mung dal, sugar, salt, garlic paste and salt in the masala and mix all together. Cook it well and let the mixture dry but moistures. let it cool.
    • Step 4:-Heat the oil for frying. Take a small ball of dough and make round disk out of it with help of your fingers. Then place stuffing in the center and joint the adges well. Now just press this small stuffed ball with the help of your palm. kachori is ready to fry. You can see this process in the step by step image instructions.
    • Step 5:- Add this kachori in oil and fry it on low flame. Never fry samosa or kachori on high flame. If you do so, it will not cook fully.
    • Step 6:- Snack is ready serve. Offer this snack to you friends and family with Tamarind chutney. I am sharing the recipe. Find chutney recipe just below of step by step instructions to make Khasta Kachori.

    This is process to make Khasta kachori. If you are making this first time and as I said this recipe is for beginners, then visualization is important. Follow step by step images instruction to make this tasty snack.

    How to Make Khasta Kachori?

    This is step by step image instructions to make easy khasta kachori. So, just follow this instructions and your Kachori will ready in a minutes.


    1.Soak mung dal in the water for 2 hours.


    2.After two hours drain the water and let it dry.


    3.Add mung dal in mixer grinder bowl.


    4. Grind it in a semi grind consistency. Keep it aside.


    5.Take Maida flour in one bowl.


    6. Add sooji in the maida flour.


    7.Mix well and add oil in it.


    8.Mix all together and add Ajwain in the flour.


    9.After mixing all together you can see this texture.

    Kachori DOUGH

    10.Now add water and knead a soft dough.


    11.Start making stuffing. Heat the oil and coriander seeds in the oil.


    12.Now add fennel seeds.


    13. Add Cumin seeds.


    14. Now add red chili powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder.


    15.Mix all together.


    16.Add Mung dal and mix well.


    17. Now add Salt and garlic ginger – paste mix it all together.


    18.Also add amchoor powder and sugar.


    19. Stuffing is ready.


    20. Now heat the oil for frying.

    21.Set one plate with butter paper.


    22.Take small part of the dough.


    23.Make round disk with the help of hands.


    24.See the disk Size.


    25.Place stuffing in the center.


    26.Now joint the edges properly.


    27.Make small stuffed ball.


    28.Press it with the help of your hand palm.


    29. Check the oil is ready or not, if yes then add this kachori in hot oil.


    30. Fry Kachori on low flame.


    31.Kachori is ready to serve.

    Delicious Khasta Kachori is ready to serve. offer this tasty dish with tamarind chutney. If you have a question, How to make tamarind chutney at home? Then do not worry just look at below this kachori recipe. Here I am sharing Tamarind chutney recipe too. making this chutney is really very easy task. You have to follow a very minimal steps to make this tangy chutney.

    Tamarind Chutuney Recipe:-

    This recipe is really very easy to makeand it is instant recipe too. Use tamarind if you do not have tamarind pulp. If you are using tamarind instead of tamarind pulp then boil jaggery and tamarind first, sieve it and the make chutney as give in step by step instruction. You just need to skip 5th and 6th step. Kachori is incomplete without this khati mithi chutney. If you have kids, then do not forget to make this chutney. Do not worry, you will need less effort and time to make this tamarind chutney.

    Ingredients for Tamarind Chutney

    • 2 tbsp tamarind paste
    • 4 tbsp Jaggery
    • 1 tsp Cumin seeds
    • 2 tsp oil
    • 1 tsp Coriander seeds
    • 1 tsp Red Chili
    • Salt
    • Water

    Process for Tamarind Chutney

    • Step 1:- Firstly, add oil in a pan and add coriander seeds, fennel seeds and cumin seeds in it. Fry well.
    • Step 2:- Now add red chili powder and salt in the oil. Add water instantly.
    • Step 3:- Add tamarind pulp in the water, also add jaggery. Mis all together. Let the water boil for 5 minutes. Your tamarind chutney is ready.

    This is process to make chutney. If you are making this chutney first time then written recipe is not enough, visualization is important. So follow step by step photo instruction to make tamarind chutney.

    How to Make Tamarind Chutney?

    This is step by step image instructions to make tamarind chutney. So, just follow this instructions and your chutney will ready in a minutes.

    1.Heat the oil and add coriander seeds and fennel seeds in it.

    2.Also add cumin seeds.

    3.Now add red chili powder.

    4.Add little amount of water.

    5.Take tamarind pulp, add it in the water.

    6.Add jaggery in the water.

    7.Mix it well and let the water boil.

    8. Now add more water as per your chutney consistency requirement. I am adding 1 cup water, as I need chutney like curry consistency. Boil for 5 minutes and chutney is ready to serve.

    Keep this chutney in refrigerator for 30 minutes. This chutney tastes very delicious if it is cool. Now chutney and Khasta kachori is ready. Serve hot kachori and cool chutney together, try this combination. Hot kachori or samosa and cool chutney is best combination ever.


    Additional Tips

    • Always fry samosa or kachori on low flame, it make the snack crunchy and fully cooked.
    • If you want more crunchiness then add pinch of soda in the dough.
    • Be careful while frying kachori.
    • Use tamarind if you do not have tamarind pulp.
    • If your not using pulp then first boil tamarind and jaggery sieve it. Then start from the first step given in the chutney recipe.
    • Do not worry if amchoor, fennel seeds not available. You can use lemon instead of amchoor powder and you can skip fennel seeds.
    • While making kachori press this stuffed dough ball only one time, do not press it again and again.

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