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Khajur Modak | Dates Modak | Modak Recipe

    Khajur Modak | Dates Modak | Modak Recipe – Here are the step-by-step video and photo instructions to make khajur modak at home

     Khajur modak

    After COVID-19 i.e. after almost two years we are celebrating ‘Ganpati festival’ with same vigor and enthusiasm as before. In the last 2 years, all Ganpati Mandals could not celebrate Ganesh Utsav publicly due to many rules and regulations. 

    Everyone performed Ganesha Sthapna and visarjan among themselves. As none of the devotees were able to see Ganesha, this year all the Ganesha devotees are full of enthusiasm to celebrate this beautiful festival.

    In all this excitement there is one more excitement which is to make Ganapati Bappa’s favorite Modak. Among these modak recipes, the most famous and traditional recipe is Ukdiche Modak (steamed modak).

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    Ukadiche modak recipe is basically made from rice flour. The outside of modka is made with rice flour and the inside with a mixture of tender coconut and jaggery, then we need to steam the modak.

    I have already shared easy recipe to make perfect uakadiche modak at home. Now, today i am sharing kajur modak recipe with you. 

    Most of the time it happens that we have a mess of work and want to make modak too. For this hurry, I am going to tell you the recipe of how to make modak in 5 minutes.

    Today, we are going to make Kanjur Modak. It takes very less time and ingredients to make this modak. We can make this modak whenever we are in a hurry. Among them, these modak are delicious and healthy to eat.


    • Khajur | Dates  – 1 Cup
    • Ghee – 1 tsp
    • Modak Mould

    Only 2 items are needed to make Khajur Modak. Making this modak requires less effort and time so let’s start making modak right away.

    How to make khajur modak

     Khajur modak

    1. Firstly take dates.

     Khajur modak

    2. remove the seeds.

     Khajur modak

    3. Now transfer dates to the mixing bowl.

     Khajur modak

    4. Grind the dates in semi-grind consistency.

     Khajur modak

    5. Transfer dates paste to the bowl.

     Khajur modak

    6. Now take modak mould.

     Khajur modak

    7. Add one drop of ghee in the mould.

    8. Now Close the mould.

     Khajur modak

    9. Add khajur paste and press the on modak mould sides.

     Khajur modak

    10. Now add Alomons inside the mould.

     Khajur modak

    11. Close the mould with khajur paste.

     Khajur modak

    12. Open the mould. Khajur modak is ready.

    Very easy right? So try this recipe at home and share photos on instagram, facebook and other social medias’s with #akuner and #stepwiserecipes.

    Additional Information

    1. Add nuts powder in khajur paste.

    2. Do not forget to add ghee before making modak in the mould.

    3. You can make stuffing with flavors like strawberry or chocolate.

    Hope you like the post and recipe. Your valuable comments always motivate me to write more and more about my favorite niche which is food. If you feel any improvements or feedback then we always welcome you to do so.

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