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Kaju Katli Recipe

    Kaju Katli Recipe | Kaju Barfi Recipe | How to Make Kaju Katli

    India – Happy Independence Day” to everyone. Today is the day to salute our freedom fighters and celebrate our freedom. On the occasion of this golden day, Sweet dish is waiting for you all. So let’s start the celebration of our freedom with the delicious sweet “Kaju Katli“.

    Happy Independence Day
    “Celebrate the freedom, celebrate the independence. Live freely & enjoy this freedom. Happy Independence Day

    Kaju Katli is the tasty dessert and have its own huge fanbase. In North India this dessert is always top on the list in every festival season. It is the Indian dessert which is very soft, smooth and creamy, which will melt in your mouth. In this Kaju Katli Recipe you will find the step by step instruction to make kaju katli at home with photos. Kaju Katli is also known as Kaju Barfi, but it should be thin as compare to Barifi, not thick.

    Kaju Katli Recipe

    The slices of kaju katli meant to be smooth, soft and with the flavorful of kaju (cashew). I am not saying making kaju katli at home is very easy, but yes! It is possible to make delicious and flavorful smooth kaju katli at home if you follow the following instructions. Making traditional kaju katli was really very professional task as the consistency of sugar syrup and then adding the cashew paste in it is very difficult.

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    In every festival I always get the boxes of sweets and dry fruits, kaju barfi is always there for sure. I love to eat kaju barfi, its hardly take 2 days to finish 1 box of kaju katli. So everyone, who like to eat sweet and specifically kaju barfi then you will fall in love with the aroma and taste of this kaju barfi. In this recipe you will get step by step picture of kaju barfi and instructions of making kaju katli.

    • Serve For : 4 People
    • Preparation Time : 5 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 30 Minutes
    • Total Time : 35 Minutes
    Kaju Katli Recipe

    Ingredients for Kaju katli Recipe

    • 1 Bowl Kaju / Cashew
    • 2 ts of ghee
    • 1/2 tsp Elaychi / Cardamom Powder
    • Pinch of Orange food color
    • Water
    • 1/2 Bowl Sugar
    • 2 tsp pistachio
    • Sliver vark / saffron

    Process for Kaju Katli Recipe

    • Step 1: Firstly gather all ingredients at one place.
    • Step 2: Now take kaju / cashew in one mixing grinder bowl and make the powder of cashews / kaju. Don’t make paste of cashew, make powder.
    • Step 3: Take the pan and add water and sugar in the pan. Let the sugar dissolve it the water. Stir it continuously.
    • Step 4: Sugar is dissolve now add powder cashew in this sugar water and mix it very well.
    • Step 5: Boil this cashew powder mixed sugar water for 5 minute and the add cardamom powder in it, mix it well.
    • Step 6: Let the mixture get good consistency for barfi. Add 1 tsp of ghee in it.
    • Step 7: Now mixture is ready so take on flat lat and pore ghee in the plat spread the ghee well. Pore this hot mixture in the palt and it cool.
    • Step 8: Now mixture is cool, Make two dough out of the mixture and roll the roti out of the cashew dough. Add orange food color in one dough and roll the roti.
    • Step 9: It is time to cut this rolled roti in the diamond shape. If you have sliver leaf then place this two roti on rolled roti or you can garnish saffron and pistachio on it. Cut this rolled roti in the diamond shape.
    Kaju Katli Recipe

    Making kaju katli at home will very easy if you follow the following instruction. in this recipe post you will get very clear instructions and easy recipe to make kaju katli at home. So it will be very easy to you to make a delicious dessert for any occasion at you home. Even in festival season this recipe will help you a lot, because in the festival season we have lot of work to do and this recipe will need very less time to cook. So you can cook very delicious recipe in very less time.

    How to Make kaju Katli at Home?

    *This is the single image instruction for Kaju Katli making, just follow the steps and your Kaju Katli will ready.

    Kaju katli kaju
    1.Take cashew in one bowl.
    2.Make the powder of cashew. don’t make paste.
    3.Sieve this cashew powder.
    4.Heat the pan and add sugar in it.
    5.Now add 2 cup of water in the pan.
     Happy Independence Day
    6.Stir it continuously with the help of spatula.
    sugar syrup
    7.let the sugar dissolve, don’t make chachni.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    8.Add cashew powder in it. Mix it well.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    9.Let the mixture boil for 5 minutes.
    10.Take the cardamom.
    11. Make powder out of it.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    12.After 5 minutes add cardamom powder in this mixture and mix it well.
    add ghee
    13.Add 1 tsp of ghee.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    14.Let the mixture take consistency for barfi.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    15. Mixture is ready. Take on flat plat. Pore the ghee and spread it well.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    16.Pore the mixture in the plate. Let it cool.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    17.Mixture is cool, make the two dough out of the mixture.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    18.Mix orange food color in one dough.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    19 Clolor dough is ready.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    20.Now roll the roti out of this both the dough.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    21.Rolled roti is ready.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    22. Let the rolled roti cool, you an also keep this mixture in refrigerator.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    21. Cut the rolled roti in diamond shape.
    Kaju Katli Recipe
    21. Kaju katli is ready. Garnish pistachio and saffron on the top of the kaju katli.

    Serve this delicious dessert after you meal. Actually I must say sweet lovers don’t need any occasion to eat the desserts. You can make this easy and delicious kaju barfi at home any time and any occasion. Mainly in diwali I always get the boxes of kaju barfi and let me tell you it will hardly take 2 days to finish this all boxes of kaju katli.

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    Kaju Katli Recipe

    Additional Information

    • If you like more sweet then you can add more sugar.
    • Placing the silver paper on the top of the kaju barfi is totally optional, you can also place or garnish dry fruits crush on the top.
    • While making sugar syrup just boil the water until sugar dissolve in the water, do not make chachni or sugar syrup like we need for Jalebi.
    • Adding cardamom powder in the mixture will give you the very authentic taste of the kaju Barfi.
    • You can store this barfi for 2-3 days at room temperature
    • Better if you use non-stick pan t make the kaju katli mixture, if you do not have the non stick an use our normal pan but always stir the mixture.
    • Make sure mixture should not stick to the pan.
    • While making the kaju barfi always keep gas flame on low-medium.
    • If you don’t like do not mix color, I am using it because of occasion of “Happy Independence Day”

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