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How to Make Bajra Bhakri – Bajre ki Roti Recipe – Bhakri Recipe – Millet Roti

    How to Make Bajra Bhakri – Bajre ki Roti Recipe – Bhakri Recipe – Millet Roti

    How to Make Bajra Bhakri – Bajre ki Roti Recipe – Bhakri Recipe – Millet Roti – Here is the step-by-step recipe to make bajra bhakri with video and photo instructions.

    bhajra bhakri

    In India, different types of delicious food dishes are made and at the same time, different types of bread are also made to make pair with that delicious food dishes. Bhakri is one of them. It is a delicious flatbread made with a combination of flour.

    Here, in Maharashtra, you will find many types of bread like Roti, Butter Roti, Naan, Butter Naan, Kulcha, Lachha Paratha, and many more.

    In this, all types bhakri is one of the famous bread in Maharashtra. Other than Maharashtra there are many other states which have their own version of bhakri.

    Bhakri can be made with a number of flours, for example, you can use jowar, Bajra, Makka, Nagli, Shadu, or Rice flour. Today, I am going to tell you the recipe for my favorite bhakri which is bajra (millet). This recipe is perfect, traditional and easy.

    Side Dish with Bhakri

    This millet roti (bajra roti) is easy to digest and very beneficial for health. Bajra roti is also known as bajra bhakri. Bajra bhakri is a delicious flatbread which is gluten-free, very quick to make, vegan and has low fat.

    This flatbread is easy to make, you can try it with any Indian curry. Millet bread should be eaten in cold weather as its ingredients give warmth to the body.

    Bajra is the Marathi word for Millet. Sometimes I also make jowar ki roti for dinner. You can also make multigrain roti. Means just mix all flours together and then make a roti (bhakri).

    How to Make Bajra Bhakri (Millet Roti)

    1. Firstly take one cup bajra flour (millet flour).

    2. Sieve this flour in one big size plate.

    3. Now add salt and mix the flour.

    4. After mixing flour, add a splash of water and start kneading the dough.

    5. Smash dough with the help of a palm.

    6. Make a soft dough.

    7. Divide the dough into a two-part.

    8. Now take little water on your palm and make a round shape small disk.

    9. Dust flour on the plate.

    10. Place a small round disk on dusted flour.

    11. Dust some flour on the palms and pat the dough gently into thin flatbread.

    12. Use another hand to give a round shape to the edges.

    13. Make sure that the dough does not stick to the plate.

    14. Bhakri is ready to roast,

    15. Heat the iron pan and splash water on it.

    16. Clean the pan with a clean kitchen towel.

    17. Now pick the bajra bhakri gently.

    18. Place bhakri on hot pan (tawa).

    19. Splash water on the bhakri.

    20. And cover this bhakri with that water.

    21. Wait for 20 seconds.

    22. Turn the bhakri.

    23. Roast bhakri for 5 mins from this side.

    24. Now take bajra bhakri on a spoon and remove the skillet from the oven,

    24. Place bajra bhakri on the flame from another side.

    25. Roast on high flame.

    26. You can see the bhakri is fully puffy.

    27. Bajra bhakri is ready to serve.

    28. Serve this bhakri with any veg-based or non-veg-based curry.

    Bhakri is made in Marathi as well as Gujrati households but the way to make bhakri is completely different. In the Marathi household, we normally make bhakri to eat with curry in the main course. 

    In the Gujrati household making, bhakri is something different, Basically, it has varied textures, and varieties of flour and the thickness of bhakri is also different.

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    Bhakri has a texture which is soft inside and crispy outside. In the Gujarati household, bhakri can be had with pickle or shev bhaji, or masala chai. 

    You can serve bhakri for dinner, pack it for lunch, or serve it with curd or any gravy. Bhakri is gluten-free and has very low fat. So if you want something to add to your diet which is healthy and fills your tummy as well then bhakri is the right choice.

    Bhakri is also diabetic-friendly. So if someone has diabetes in your family then bhakri is a really healthy replacement for roti or rice.

    The amazing fact about bhakri is, that you can pack bhakri while traveling. If you are planning to travel for a long distance then make multigrain masala bhakri or plain bajra bhakri for your travel tiffin.

    If you are making masala bhakri for traveling purposes then make masala bhakri it will be good pair for chai.

    Additional Information – Bajra Bhakri

    • Always prepare dough for 2 bajra roti first. Make that 2 bajra roti’s then knead the dough for more roti (bhakri).
    • Turn bhakri in 20 seconds after applying water. Roast bhakri from the watery side for 5 mins. If the waterside gets dry then bhakri will break into pieces and even bhakri will not be soft.
    • First, make small round shape of dough then pat and increase the round disk shape.
    • For making bajra bhakri you can use normal water, but for rice and jowar roti you need to use warm water.
    • While making bhakri you can add some sesame seeds.
    • While travelling makes masala bhakri but add only dry spices for long traveling.
    • You can make sweet bhakri too.
    • For plain bajra bhakri serve this with chicken curry or curry-based sabji.

    Hope you like the post and recipe. Your valuable comments always motivate me to write more and more about my favorite niche which is food. If you feel any improvements or feedback then we always welcome you to do so.

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