Home Remedies for Regular Cold & Cough

    Home Remedies for Regular Cold & Cough

    Home Remedies for Regular Cold and Cough – I am sharing here some home remedies and recipes to treat regular cold and cough. Corona virus pandemic is going on and we are really don’t know what to do, but yes, I would suggest you to follow the Government instruction, law and order. It will help us to be safe and also help to out of this situation safely.

    Home remedies

    In our home, our Grandmother, mother always know some home remedies to deal with cough, cold and fever. In the year, you may get infected with cold, cough and fever due to many reasons, like weather change, if you change the place or relocate any were, if you ate something which you shouldn’t. Always, this is not possible to go and consult with the Doctor, like this corona virus pandemic.

    Amid of the corona virus pandemic 144 section is declared here in Mumbai, India. So in this situation not good to go out side of the home. If you never feel like, you are infected with corona virus then be at home, but if you have the symptoms of this corona virus then, good to consult with doctor. You can track the status of corona virus spread on website which is made by Microsoft.

    Click here for the tracker –Covid-19 Tracker.

    Try some recipes at home in this quarantine

    If you have a normal cold and cough then, use this home remedies. It will help you to deal with this regular cold and cough. This remedies are given to me, by my grandmother. Before using this home remedies ensure that you don’t have allergies of any of the ingredients which are I am using here in this recipes.

    Home remedies

    Home remedies to deal with regular cold and cough:-


    If you have cough then, take one tsp honey at the night, before you go to the bed. Honey is very good for sore through. It is very effective on cough too.

    • Note the ingredients:- Honey
    • Effective for:- Soar throat, cough


    If you have cough then boil thee milk and add turmeric in it. Mix it well and then add pinch of salt in this milk, mix it well. Drinking this milk will give your throat a nice warmth. It will give you rest from coughing too. Drink warm milk always.

    • Note the ingredients:- Milk, Turmeric, Salt
    • Effective for:- Soar throat, cough

    3.Basil soup:-

    Holy Tulsa is worshiped in India. Basil is very useful for cold and cough. The basil extract is made in my house very effective for cold and cough, which is I am going to tell you today. Making this basil soup is very easy task. Just you have to take 1 cup water boil it well, then add 1 inch ginger, 1/2 tsp jaggery and 5-6 basil leafs in this water and let it boil for 5 minutes. Basil soup | Tulshicha kadha is ready. You can add some black pepper too.

    • Note the ingredients:- Water, Basil leafs, Jaggery, Ginger
    • Effective for:- Cold and cough

    4.Hot Soup:-

    Hot soup is very good for sour throat. You can make vegetable soup or chicken soup, whichever you want or like. Making this soup is very easy too. Firstly wash the veggies and cut it in small pieces. Now heat the pan and add 1/2 tsp oil. Add veggies and cut garlic cloves in the oil and fry it well. Now add black pepper, water and salt let it boil. Check after 9-10 minutes. For chicken soup, cut the chicken pieces in small square shape and wash it well. Now add this chicken cubes in boiling water and let it cook well. Your Soup is ready. This soup will help to warm your throat.

    • Note the ingredients:- Water, garlic cloves, your favorite veggies, black pepper, salt, chicken.
    • Effective for:- Cold and cough


    Garlic is effective on cough. My grandmother always use this remedy at home for cough. You just need chickpeas and garlic. Take garlic cloves and roasted chickpeas, now eat 4-5 chickpeas and one garlic cloves together. This is very less time consuming and easy remedy for cough.

    • Note the ingredients:- Roasted chickpeas, Garlic cloves
    • Effective for:- Cough


    Steam is work for cold. Do one thing take hot water, not too hot. Mix little amount of vicks vaporub, then keep your head on that hot water on good distance and cover it with towel. This steam will help to reduce cold. While doing this be careful, do not make water too much hot.

    • Note the ingredients:- Water, towel, vicks vaporub.
    • Effective for:- Cold


    Ginger is good for sour throat and cough. If feel tired really do not want to anything then just chew ginger, it will help too reduce the pain.

    • Note the ingredients:- Ginger
    • Effective for:- Cough, Soar through

    8.Take rest:-

    you will restless if you have cold and cough. it is better you to take rest. Just use vicks vaporub and take a rest for 2 to 3 hours. It will actually help to you, because your body need a rest.

    This are some easy home remedies to deal with regular cough & cold. This all are easy and very less time consuming but very effective home remedies. So try this and be healthy, stay home and safe in this COVID19 pandemic.

    “Thanks for reading! Share your feedback, leave your comments in comment box. This all are very easy home remedies to deal with regular cold and cough. So use this home remedies and stay healthy, stay safe.

    “Good People, Good Thoughts, Good Karma”

    All content and images are the copyright of This remedies are used by me and my family. It is given by my grandmother. So if you also want to do the same, please study, use and then share this type of remedies.

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    • Very nice desi remedies! Must try

      • Hey! thank you so much for stopping here…. Glad to see you as a new member of akuner’s family.

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    • Good recipes here for cough and cold. I’m growing holy basil from seed. Heard it is good for your health.
      Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Especially raw if you can handle it.
      I juice fresh ginger with cucumber apple fresh turmeric and celery for health. Feel amazing after.

      • Hey that’s really great to hear. Holy Basil is always good, it is really very good for health. In Maharashtra, India we use raw garlic in Thecha( one type of chutney). There are many other recipes too in which we use raw veggies and fruits. Love to see you again.


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