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Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder

    Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder | Gulab Jamun Recipe

    Hey friends, If you are wondering how to make Gulab Jamun at home or you are finding it difficult to make? so you are at a right place to get a perfect recipe for it! Today we are going to prepare a India’s most lovable sweet “Gulab Jamun” and what will be the best than Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder.

    As per Wikipedia,”Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent, popular in India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Bangladesh, as well as Myanmar”. This traditional sweet dish usually enjoyed during festivals, you might be think impossible to make at home but actually it is very easy to be made at home.

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    We will going to prepare gulab jamun with milk powder, there are other ways also available to make gulab jamun like rawa gulab jamun, instant gulab jamun, khoya gulab jamun etc. Basically you will find this preparation on top of the list in many occasion in India. Someone love to eat it garam garam (hot) or some one like to eat it chilled, so this is totally depends upon the choice. But yes in both the cases this dessert always best in a taste.

    gulab jamun with milk powder
    Gulab Jamun

    In my childhood, my aunt used to make this dessert for me. She used to cook this delicious dish at home on holidays. I still remember the taste of that garam garam (hot) gulab jamun. It was really amazing and I wanted to make a very tasty gulab jamun at home, so I have started to explore some recipes.

    I have tried different recipes many a time but I didn’t get the taste of gulab jamun as she used to cook. Then, I called up my aunt and asked her for the recipe, then tried it again. what a magic, now my gulab jamun is a perfectly cooked and taste is also same as I used to have in chidhood.

    So today, I am sharing with you the recipe of gulab jamun which I have prepared in my kitchen with the help of my aunt’s recipe. so let’s start to prepare our favorite dessert the “Gulab Jamun”.

    • Serve For : 2 People
    • Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 15 Minutes
    • Total Time : 25 Minutes

    Ingredients Of Khoya Gulab Jamun

    • 1 cups of Sugar
    • 1 glass of water
    • 3 whole Cardamom
    • 1 cups Milk Powder
    • 1 tbsp Milk
    • 1/2 tsp Yellow Food Color
    • 1 tbsp Dry Rose Petals
    • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
    • 1 tsp Baking Powder
    • 1/4 cup Maida flour
    • Pinch of Saffron
    • Oil or ghee for frying

    Process for Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder

    Step 1: Take a pan and required quantity of sugar and water, mix the sugar and water and place over low heat, let the sugar dissolves. Make sure it does not boil. After a sugar dissolve cook syrup till the thickens a bit. A finger dipped in slightly cold syrup should form a coating on it for a few seconds. Sugar syrup is ready now, so take syrup off stove and let it cool for a minimum of half an hour. Then add cardamom in it. You can also add saffron and pich of food color if you like. let syrup cool, keep aside till jamun get ready.

    Step 2: Now it is time to make a dough. Take one mixing bowl add khoya, paneer, baking soda and mix it well. Now knee all of them together to make a soft dough. Then add water and maida as per requirement. you can knee this dough with milk as well if you want. Make sure that the dough is a bit softer to avoid cracking of ball while deep frying.

    Step 3: Let’s start to make a small ball out off the dough. Divide the dough into equal parts and make smooth surfaced balls out of it. Take a pan and heat the ghee or oil. Make sure that you will frying balls in deep ghee at low flame, drain the balls and let them cool for a minutes.

    Step 4: It is time to add fried gulab jamun in warm sugar syrup. Let gulab jamun soak for half an hour. Gulab Jamun is ready to serve. Garnished crushed dry fruits on it. You can also garnish rose pattles and saffron on it. Take a small and cute designer bowl and decorate this delicious gulab jamun in that.

    Don’t forget to Like this recipe and spread your love with your friends and family! Happy cooking!” I will love❤ to post your favorite recipes too. So tell your favorite recipes to me in comment box”.

    Additional Information

    • You can use oil insted of ghee to fry gulab jamun.
    • You can garnish rose pattleson gulab jamun.
    • If you want then add 2-3 drops of rose water in sugar syrup, it will give the essence of the rose to gulab jamun.

    Hope you like the post and recipe. Your valuable comments are always motivate me to write more and more about my favorite niche which is food. If you feel any improvements or feedback then we always welcome you to do so.

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