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Egg Burger Recipe | Egg topped Burger | How to Make Egg Burger at Home

    Egg Burger Recipe | Egg topped Burger | How to Make Egg Burger at Home

    Egg Burger Recipe | Egg topped Burger | How to Make Egg Burger at Home | Egg Burger Banane Ki Vidhi – Here is the step by step image instructions to make egg burger at home. Coronavirus pandemic is going on and we all are home quarantined due to lock down. Online order and delivery for food, grocery and other shopping items are not available. But in this all situation craving for our favorite food is obvious. 

    I love to eat Mcdonald burgers and french fries, but it is not possible for me to order it. So, yesterday I have decided to make this burger and french fries at home. Here I am sharing homemade egg burger recipe with you. This is really very easy to make egg burger recipe and you will need very less ingredients too.

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    To make this egg burger you will need less efforts and minimum ingredients. Actually, my husband wanted to eat this burger. he loves to eat mac egg cheese burgers. I also like to eat burger, basically my favorite is ‘Chicken Burger’. As it is really easy to make you would love to make it for breakfast or evening snack. Burger is also best suitable food for movie time. I have decided to make a burger at home and trust me it was an amazing experience. 

    Ingredients for Egg Burger

    • 1 onion
    • 2 eggs
    • 3 tbsp oil
    • 2 Burger Bun
    • 1 tsp Tomato ketchup
    • 2 tsp Mayonnaise (optional)
    • 1 tsp Black Pepper (optional)
    • Butter (optional)
    • 1 Tomato (optional)
    • Water

    Process to Make Egg Burgeer

    • Step 1:- Firstly cut the onion in round shape like a ring. Put this onion in the cold water for 3 to 4 minutes. Then drain the water and keep this onion in refrigerator.
    • Step 2:- Now gather other ingredients at one place. Pour 5-6 drop on oil in the small size bowl. Then break the egg and add it in to the bowl.
    • Step 3:- Place the pan on the low flame, then place this egg added bowl in the pan. Now add half glass of water in the pan and cover the pan for 5 minute.
    • Step 4:- Check after 5 minutes, if egg is steamed and then remove the bowl from pan. If it is not ready then let it boil for more 2 to 3 minutes.
    • Step 5:-Take burger bun and cut in two pieces. Then add butter on the burger bun.
    • Step 6:- Place the pan on the gas. Now take this burger bun and place it on pan, so butter will melt and bun take a good texture.
    • Step 7:- Now place this burger bun in one plate, then add tomato ketchup and mayonnaise on the burger bun.
    • Step 8:-Now check the egg . It is steamed now. Remove it from bowl and place it on the burger. Also place onion rings which we have kept in the refrigerator. Now sprinkle black pepper and salt on it. Burger in ready.

    This is the process to make taste burger at home. If you are making this burger first time then visualization is important. Find step by step image instructions to make egg burger at home.

    How to Make Egg Burger at Home?

    This is step by step image instruction to make egg burger.

    1.Cut onion in round shape, we want onion ring.

    2.Put this onion in cold water.

    3.Drain the water. Place this onion in refrigerator.

    4.Now pour some oil drops in the bowl. Spread it well.

    5.Add one egg in the bowl.

    6.You can also add onion ring and black pepper. this bowl in the pan.

    8.Now add water an covet it.

    9.Take Mayonnaise and tomato ketchup.

    10.Also take burger bun and butter.

    11.Check egg is steamed or not.

    12.Cut the bun in two piece.

    13.Remove egg bowl from pan.

    egg burger

    14.Add butter on the bun.

    egg burger

    15.Heat the pan.

    egg burger burger bun on pan and let the butter melt.

    egg burger

    17.Now add Mayonnaise on bun.

    egg burger

    18.Also add tomato ketchup.

    egg burger

    19.spread it well.

    egg burger

    20.Remove steamed egg from bowl.

    egg burger

    21.Place this egg on bun.

    egg burger

    22.Sprinkle black pepper on it.

    egg burger onion ring on the burger.

    egg burger

    24.Burger is ready.

    Egg burger is ready to serve. I have already shared French fries recipe with you. Make this burger and french fries at home and enjoy your weekend. In this quarantine, weekend is not that much important for everyone. Because we are at home, but some people are working form home. So make this delicious food at home.

    If you are vegetarian then you can use your favorite veggies instead of egg. I love to eat chicken burger, so if you also like chicken burger like me, then add boiled and stir fried chicken cubes instead of eggs.

    This is very easy technique to make burger and fries at home. I am sharing this recipe, so everyone can make it easily at home. Make this taste burger and collect complements for your cooking skills.

    egg burger

    Additional Information

    • Do not steam egg for long time.
    • You can add mayonnaise and tomato ketchup as per your taste buds.
    • Add minimum water so the bowl can’t float in the pan.

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