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Dal Recipe – Dal For Rice – Indian Meal

    Dal Recipe – Dal For Rice – Indian Meal

    Dal Recipe – Dal For Rice – Indian Meal – Here are the step-by-step photos and video instructions to make a delicious dal recipe | chana dal recipe at home.

    dal recipe

    In my house, there is no event or festival without making dal with rice. Dal and rice is a well-known dish. The recipe for dal varies in different parts of India. When you look for dal recipes in different places you will find variety.

    Different types of dal are used to make dal recipes. In my house, we use tur dal whenever mom wants to offer bhog to God. My sister loves gram dal and I love lentil dal. You can see all the different types and recipes of such pulses here.

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    Making dal does not require much effort, on the contrary, dal, and rice are the most quickly prepared meals. Whenever you are bored of cooking or don’t know what to cook because you don’t have much time on hand, you can make dal and rice.

    Very few ingredients are needed to make a dal recipe. The most important thing for making dal is tadka. If you add this nice tadka to the dal, the dal recipe becomes very tasty.

    What is dal?

    I like dal and rice a lot. At home, whenever someone asks me what to make for lunch, I always make my favorite toor dal with tadka and basmati rice with it. I add tomatoes and green chilies and fry the dal.

    Here in India, Dal Fry & Dal Tadak are two popular dishes that you will find in every hotel. But basically what is dal? Actually, dal is split lentils. You will find many types of dal, like, masoor dal, toor dal, chana dal, matki dal, moong dal, etc.

    We use dal not only in spicy preparations but in sweets too. Do you love to eat besan ke ladoo? then these laddu’s are also made with chana dal.

    Moong dal ka halwa is a famous preparation to make on any auspicious occasion in overall India. Dal is healthy in all ways. Dal is a healthy and best food for a person who is not feeling well.

    dal recipe

    You can use whatever vegetables you like while making dal. In my house, dal is made with many different vegetables like bitter gourd, tamarind, beans, and drumsticks. 

    Video instruction or video recipe for dal – chana dal

    Dal is not only made in one flavor, dal recipes make different flavored dals like sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter. Different types of dal recipes are famous in every state. Rice is not the only thing that goes with dal. Dal tastes good along with many side dishes like bati, roti, kulcha, bhakri and batti.

    You can make a variety of dishes by using dal, like, dosa, plain dal-rice, uttapam, halwa, laddoo, and so on. Here I am sharing a video to make chana dal to eat with rice or puri. Check it out!

    Dal Bati is a famous dish in Rajasthan. Whenever anyone visits Rajasthan, they definitely try this dish. When you visit Rajasthan, make sure to eat Dal Bati. To pair dal with bati you need to give red chili tadka to dal.


    • chana dal – 1 cup
    • turmeric powder – 1 tsp
    • coriander leaves- 1 tbsp
    • Oil – 1tbsp
    • cumin – 1/2 tsp
    • mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
    • cinnamon – 1/2 pic
    • black cardamom – 1 nos
    • dry red chili – 1 nos
    • bay leaf – 1 nos
    • hing – 1 tsp
    • green chili and garlic paste – 1 tsp
    • water
    • salt – 1 tsp
    • sugar – 1 tsp
    • ghee – 1tsp
    • green chili – 2 nos

    How to make dal

    dal recipe

    1. take chana dal.

    dal recipe

    2. wash dal.

    dal recipe

    3. transfer to the pressure cooker.

    4. add turmeric powder

    5. now add water.

    6. to cook dal takes 3 whistles.

    7. add coriander leaves.

    dal recipe

    8. whisk dal.

    dal recipe

    9. heat oil.

    10. add ghee.

    11. now add cumin seeds.

    12. add mustard seeds.

    13. Now add dry red chili.

    14. add cinnamon.

    15. now add black cardamom.

    16. add bay leaf.

    17. mix everything.

    18. add hing.

    19. now add green chili and garlic paste.

    20. mix well.

    21. add boiled chana dal.

    dal recipe

    22. mix well.

    23. add salt.

    24. boil dal for 5 mins.


    25. now add coriander leaves.

    dal recipe

    26. add green chili.

    27. boil for 2 mins on low flame.

    dal recipe

    28. dal is ready to serve.

    Making dal is very easy. now chana dal is ready so you can serve this with steamed rice. If you like boiled rice then make boiled rice. Making dal is easy if chana dal is not available at home then use any dal which is available at home.

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    Additional Information

    1. You can use favorite dal instead of chana dal.

    2. you can add only garlic and skip green chili.

    3. you can add red chili instead of green chili.

    4. You can add tomatoes if you like.

    5. One can add roasted peanuts to this dal recipe.

    6. To make this dal a little sour you can add tamarind or kokum.

    7. Thickness of dal totally depends on your choice of bread or rice.

    Making dal is really easy and fun. You can make this dish at any time and on any occasion. it suits everyone’s taste buds. So try out this amazing recipe at home.

    Hope you like the post and recipe. Your valuable comments always motivate me to write more and more about my favorite niche which is food. If you feel any improvements or feedback then we always welcome you to do so.

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