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Carrot Halwa Recipe|गाजर का हलवा|Gajarch halwa

    Carrot Halwa Recipe | गाजर का हलवा | Gajaracha halwa

    Happy New Year to everyone! 2019 is over and one beautiful story of everyone’s life is completed. Now we are heading towards a new journey and ready to write a new success story in 2020. Winter season is going on and in many stats of India, temperature is less than 10` Celsius. In this pink season we need some healthy and tasty diet for family. Carrot Halwa Recipe | गाजर का हलवा | Gajar ka halwa is good and tasty option to make on this special occasion of new year. Here you will get the step by step photo instructions to make gajar halwa at home.

    carrot halwa

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    What is Carrot halwa or Gajar Halwa? – Gajar halwa is a preparation of fresh carrots, Milk, Ghee, Sugar and dry fruits. But now a days you will find many other way to prepare and ingredients to add in this delicious sweet like, use of condensed milk, use of khoya, use of milk powder etc.

    gajar halwa

    Gajar Halwa is famous sweet and has its own fan base. You will find many recipes for this delicous sweet but, after following this steps you will feel this recipe is best ever. I am adding milk powder instead of milk, you can milk if you like. If you are using milk to cook gajar halwa then, use full fat milk to make the tasty gajar halwa. Choosing fresh carrot is the important part of this preparation.

    • Serve For : 4 People
    • Preparation Time : 10 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 30 Minutes
    • Total Time : 40 Minutes
    • Diet : Vegeterian
    • Course : Dessert
    carrot halwa

    If you want to saute halwa in khoya then, use khoya instead of ghee. About the condensed milk gajar halwa, you have to replace sugar with condensed milk. Here I am sharing step by step image instructions to make delicious gajar halwa but with minimum efforts and ingredients. For this easy recipe you have to follow some super easy steps.

    Ingredients for Carrot Halwa Recipe

    • 1 Kg Carrot
    • 4 Cardamom
    • 1/2 Bowl Sugar
    • 3 tbsp Ghee
    • Dry fruits
    • 1 tsp Milk powder
    • Silver leaf(optional)

    You will grater and peeler for this gajar halwa recipe. This both things are easily available in the market.

    Process to Make Carrot Halwa Recipe

    • Step 1:- Firstly choose fresh carrot and clean it well. After washing the carrot peel it very smooth, do not do this peel process with very hard hands.
    • Step 2:- After peeling process is completed, start to grate carrots by using greater. Grate all the carrot. Keep it aside.
    • Step 3:- Now heat the pan and add two tbsp ghee in the pan. Take grated carrot, add it in the hot ghee. Mix it well. Let the grated carrot slowly cook for 7 to 10 minutes on medium flame. Stir it continuously.
    • Step 4: It is time to add cardamom in the grated carrot. So take 4 whole cardamom and add this cardamom in this grated carrot. Mix all together and let the mixture cook slowly. Stir it continuously.
    • Step 5:- You can see the water separated from the carrot, so let the water dry. Now Add sugar, milk powder and dry fruits. Mix well.
    • Step 6:- Mixture will watery for some time, but let the mixture dry. Stir it continuously. Cook this all for 3 to 4 minutes.
    • Step 7:- Now check after 3 to 4 minutes. If it is cooked then put the Carrot halwa in one plate and decorate it with dry fruits and silver leaf. Serve to your friends and family.

    This is the process to make gajar halwa but as I said, I am sharing the step by step image instruction to make this gajar halwa, so let’s get started.

    How to Make Carrot Halwa Recipe at home?

    This is step by step photo instructions to make delicious gajar halwa. So follow some easy steps as given below and your tasty halwa will be ready in minutes.

    1.Take fresh carrots.

    2.You will need sugar.

    3.Take ghee.

    4.Firstly wash the fresh carrots. Then peel the carrot softly.

    5.Take the grater.

    6.Grate all the carrots. is ready to cook.

    8.heat the ghee.

    9.Add grated carrot in the hot ghee.

    gajar halwa

    10.Mix it well.

    gajar halwa

    11.You can see the grated carrots are is getting watery. Let it dry. Stir it continuously.

    gajar halwa

    12.It is almost dry now.

    gajar halwa

    13.Add whole cardamom. Mix all together.

    carrot halwa

    14.Now add Milk powder.

    carrot halwa

    15. Add Dry fruits.

    carrot halwa

    16.Add sugar. Mix this all together.

    carrot halwa

    17.Stir it continuously until the mixture is fully cooked and dry.

    carrot halwa

    18. Serve the hot Carrot halwa in plate and decorate it with silver leaf and dry fruits.

    carrot halwa

    19.Carrot Halwa Recipe | गाजर का हलवा | Gajar ka halwa is ready.

    Serve this delicious carrot halwa to your friends and family with lots of love. In this new year make some healthy and tasty sweet for you family and enjoy the beautiful begging of the year. This is very easy and quick recipe for gajar halwa. You can find many more nut I am providing you the quick recipe here.

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    There are some other ways to make this carrot halwa, like using condensed milk, using whole milk, using milk powder and using khoya or mawa. Here I am sharing with you, easiest methods to make gajar halwa. So follow the steps and make this delicious dessert at home.

    Additional information

    • If you want to cook grated carrot in milk then use fat full milk.
    • Stir the halwa continuously.
    • Use sliver leaf is totally option.
    • Use limited ghee. Not more than 5 tbsp for 1 kg carrot halwa.
    • If you want to use condensed milk then replace sugar with condensed milk. Remaining process will be same.
    • making carrot halwa with khoya then replace ghee with khoya. Renaming process will be same.
    • Remove the whole cardamom once halwa is ready.
    • You can use cardamom powder instead of whole cardamom.
    • Always choose fresh carrots to make this halwa.
    • Remove whole cardamom once halwa is ready.
    • While using milk in halwa, use boiled milk. (Warm)

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