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Brinjal Peanut Masala | Eggplant Curry with Roasted Peanuts

    Brinjal Peanut Masala | Eggplant Curry with Roasted Peanuts| Brinjal Masala Recipe – 2 | Spicy Brinjal Curry with Roasted Peanuts

    Brinjal Peanut Masala | Eggplant Curry with Roasted Peanuts – In Indian cuisine, we use brinjal in many of our preparations. Cooking a delicious brinjal preparation is a really interesting task.

    There are many types of recipes available to enhance the  taste of brinjal (Eggplant) and Brinjal Peanut masala is one of them. It is very delicious in taste but really easy and less time consuming to cook. Here you will get step-by-step photo instructions of cooking such tasty Brinjal peanut masala.

    Brinjal peanut masala is a bit similar to Baghare baingan. Baghare baingan is a Hyderabadi cuisine which is popular as a side dish with their Biryani. This is a combined preparation of brinjal, coconut and peanut.

    Brinjal peanut masala recipe is also quite similar with shrilankan eggplant curry. But in the shrilankan eggplant curry, the main ingredient is coconut milk, but here we are going to replace the coconut milk with peanut masala.

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    In our last post on brinjal masala, we received a huge feedback from you and that inspired us to create this 2nd post. This recipe is very different in taste than our last posted brinjal masala recipe and we will continue this unique series of cooking different types of brinjals.

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    Brinjal Peanut Masala | Eggplant Curry with Roasted Peanuts is a preparation of roasted small-fresh and salty peanuts. Try something new. Let’s start to make this delicious dish.

    Process for Brinjal Peanut Masala

    Step 1:- Firstly clean the brinjal and cut it with a plus sign shape. Remember, we need whole brinjals, do not make them pieces. Sprinkle salt on the cut brinjals.

    Step 2:- Now heat the oil and add these salty brinjals. Fry them well for the next 2 to 3 minutes. Then add water in the fried eggplants. Cover the pan and cook these eggplants upto ~70%.

    Step 3:- Now roast the peanuts and peel it. After cleaning peanuts, add these  in a mixture grinder bowl. Grind the peanuts by maintaining semi grind consistency. Then add garlic cloves, red chili powder and turmeric powder in the mixture. Grind it well.

    Step 4:- Check the eggplants are properly cooked or not.  If yes, then keep these cooked brinjals aside in one plate.

    Step 5:- Now heat the oil on a frying pan and add peanut masala in it. fry it well on low flame. Remember to always cook these kinds of recipes on low flame, if you cook it on high flame then the masala will stick to the pan.

    Step 6:- After frying this peanut masala for 5 minutes add a little amount of water in it and mix well. Cook the masala on low flame until the oil gets separated from the masala.

    Step 7:- Now it is time to add those previously cooked brinjals into the masala. After adding it, mix it properly so that the masala can completely wrap the brinjals.

    Step 8:- Add a little amount of water to help the mixture spread well. Boil the masala gravy and keep  this curry in medium heat until the masala and brinjals are properly cooked  Serve this Brinjal peanut masala with roti, rice or pulao.

    This is a complete recipe for making Brinjal peanut masala at home. Brinjal peanut masala is really very tasty and easy to cook preparation. 

    Baghare Baingan is a preparation of roasted peanuts and coconut. This recipe is quite  similar to that, but here it uses a few different ingredients.

    Above is the procedure to make this flavorful dish, but if you are making this dish for the first time then a visual guide is very important.

    So, I am sharing step-by-step image instructions to prepare this brinjal peanut masala with proper guidelines.

    How to Make Brinjal Peanut Masala at home?

    These are the step-by-step image instructions to cook Brinjal peanut masala. Follow the steps and your Brinjal peanut masala will be ready.

    1. Take small and fresh brinjals, peanuts and garlic.

    2. Heat the pan and add peanuts on the pan.

    3. Check after 5 minutes whether the peanuts are roasted.

    4. Now place the kitchen towel on the plate.

    5. Pore the roasted peanuts in the towel.

    6. Bring all edges in the center and make potli of this towel.

    7. Place the potli on a plain surface and press by hand. do it for 5 to 6 times.

    8. Open the potli. You can see peanuts are peeled.

    9. Pore these peeled peanuts on the plate.

    10. Clean the peanuts and add it in one mixer grinder bowl.

    11. Grind it in semi-grind consistency.

    12. Clean the 4-5 garlic cloves and add it in the semi grind peanuts.

    13. Also add red chili powder.

    14. Add turmeric powder.

    15. Grind it all together.

    16. Cut the upper side of the brinjals.

    17. Now cut the brinjals in plus sign.

    18. Sprinkle salt in the brinjal cut.

    19. Now heat the oil on the pan and the salty brinjal in it.

    20. Fry well.

    21. Now add water.

    22. Mix well and cover it for 8 minutes.

    23. Check after 8-10 minutes.

    24. Brinjals are cooked, then put in one plate.

    25. Heat the oil.

    26. Add peanut masala in the oil.

    27. Add salt as per taste.

    28. Mix well and fry it for 2 minutes.

    29. Peanut masala is dry now.

    30. Add water in the dry peanut masala.

    31. Fry until it smoothen the texture and the oil is separated from the masala.

    32. Add water into the  gravy now. Decide the amount of water based on your gravy requirement.

    33. Let the gravy boil.

    34. After 3 minutes, you will see that the oil is separated from the gravy.

    35. Now add salty boiled brinjals in the gravy.

    36. Mix it well.

    37. Cook for 3 – 4 minutes and after that your Brinjal peanut masala will be ready to serve.

    This delicious brinjal curry goes well with roti, bhakri, pulao, biryani or plane steamed rice. Enjoy this tasty and healthy combination of mouth watering brinjal curry and green salad .

    Personally I like to eat Bajra bhakri with this delightful Brinjal peanut masala. You can also have some famous Maharashtrian papad chura and Koshimbir as a side dish with this flavorful dish.

    Additional Information

    • Always add salt in eggplant while making fry and then add it in the peanut masala.
    • Stir peanut masala continuously, if not then it will burn.
    • If you like, you can add garam masala in the gravy, but the taste will be completely different than this peanut masala.
    • After adding the salty eggplants in the peanut masala, stir it continuously.
    • Be careful while adding salt because you are going to use salt twice in your recipe.

    This is a really very easy to make recipe and you will need a very few ingredients to cook it at home. There are many occasions in our house where guests come suddenly, for those special occasions this recipe can be the best fit. Happy cooking to all of you!

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