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Bread Rasmalai Recipe

    Bread Rasmalai Recipe | How to Make Bread Rasmalai

    Hey guys! We are going to prepare a very special dish which is “Bread Rasmalai”, but this is not a traditional Rasmalai. We are making this Rasmalali by using a bread. So if you are wondering how to make rasmali by using bread at home? Then your at a right place. Traditional Rasmalai is also known as rossomalai, it is a bengali sweet. I love to eat Rasmalai, this is one of my favorite dessert.

    Bread Rasmalai
    Bread Rasmalai

    Rasmalai is royal sweet which is severed by many occasions, I think that’s why I like rasmali, because I don’t get a chance to eat it regularly. In my childhood when I ate Rasmalai first time. Actually I always forget the name of this sweet, so I have decided a new name and that was “pandhre-chapte balls (White flat balls)”. That was an amazing experience too, but today we are going to make rassmalai by using bread. It is a Bread Rasmalai.

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    It is very Quick, easy and tasty recipe. You will love to eat this type of preparation, because this type of Rassmali preparation will take less time to make. I like to eat spicy food, but when I see rasmalai I immediately fall in love with taste of it.

    • Serve For : 3 People
    • Preparation Time : 7 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
    • Total Time : 27 Minutes

    Ingredients for Bread Rasmalai

    • 6 Bread Piece
    • 3 Cup Milk
    • 4 tbsp Cream
    • 1/4 Sugar Cup
    • 1/2 Bowl Dry fruits
    • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
    • 1 pinch food color
    • Saffron (for garnishing)

    How to Make Bread Rasmalai?

    Bread Rasmalai Cream
    Bread Rasmalai Cream

    Step 1: Take a pan and heat the butter then add milk in it. we are going to make a batter for bread. Boil the milk for 2 minutes and then add cream, stir and combine it well. No lumps should form. We need a smooth consistency. Let it boil until it get a consistency like cream.

    Bread Rasmalai Cream Roll
    Bread Rasmalai Cream Roll

    Step 2: Now take a bread and trim the sides. Pore the batter and spread it well on bread also sprinkle a crushed dry fruits. Cut the bread in two parts. and rolled the bread. Make a round roll out of it. If you have any doubt then check the image.

    Bread Rasmalai Milk
    Bread Rasmalai Milk

    Step 3: Heat the pan and boil the milk for 2-3 minutes. After 2 minutes add powder sugar an cardamom powder in this boiled milk. stir and combine well. If you like then you can add pinch of food color in the milk.

    Step 4: Add small bread rolls in one dish and pore this milk on it. After that garnish this bread rasmalai with saffron and crushed dry fruits, you can also add truti-fruti if you have it at home.

    Bread Rasmali is ready
    Bread Rasmali is ready

    You can serve this Bread Rasmali warm or chilled. After some time bread slices starts absorbing the milk, I would suggest to add the bread slices 2 minutes prior to the time of serving. You can garnish saffron as well as cherry or dry fruits whatever you want. Basically, if you like more sweetness then add more amount of sugar.

    Additional information

    • Take a Milk bread to make this bread rasmali.
    • Use cow milk to make Bread rasmali.
    • You can add sugar free instead of sugar, so the diabetic person can also enjoy the sweet.
    • you can add saffron while boiling the milk instead of garnishing, it is totally depend upon you.
    • While making a cream you can add milk, cream and butter at one time.
    • If you like more sweetness then add more amount of sugar.

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