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Bengali Pitha Recipe | Mukshamali Pithe Recipe

    Bengali Pitha Recipe | Mukshamali Pithe Recipe

    Bengali Pitha Recipe | Mukshamali Pithe Recipe – This is one of the Bengali sweet, which is made with Dates Jaggery. Mukshamali Pithe is really very easy and tasty preparation of coconut, Jaggery and rice flour. Here you will get step by step image instructions to make Bengali Pitha Recipe | Mukshamali Pithe Recipe.

    Bengali pitha

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    Many a time we feel that make a very different and delicious dessert. But what to make it is the big question. So I am giving you the very east but tasty dessert recipe. In my family everyone love to eat this Bengali pitha | Mukshamali Pithe.

    Ingredients to make Bengali Pitha

    • 1 bowl Moong Dal
    • 1 bowl coconut powder
    • 1/2 bowl Dates Jaggery
    • pinch of red food color
    • 1 tbsp crushed dry fruits
    • oil for frying the pitha
    • 1 bowl rice flour
    • water
    • salt
    • sugar
    Bengali pitha

    Process to Make Bengali Pitha

    • Step 1:- Firstly heat the pan and add moong dal in it. Then roast the dal well and add half glass of water in the roasted moong dal. Let the water boil and dal cook.
    • Step 2:- Now dal is cooked, add rice flour and mix it well. Make the dought oit of this mixture. Let it cool.
    • Step 3:- It is time to make coconut filling for Pitha. So take a pan and add coconut powder and dates jaggery in it. Mix well with the help of your hand. Add milk and keep the pan on low flame.
    • Step 4:- let the mixture boil and cook well. It will take the good consistency. Off the flame once mixture is ready. Let it cool.
    • Step 5:- Now take a dough made with moong dal and rice flour. Mix it well and and make soft dough out of it.
    • Step 6:- Take small ball out of the dough and make small boel out of it. Now fill the coconut filling and joint the edges.
    • Step 7:- After making all Mukshamali, heat the oil and start frying it and serve to you be loved.

    Above is the process to make Mukshamali, but for making this new recipe everyone need visualization. So follow the step by step image instructions to make Mukshamali.

    How to Make Mukshamali Pithe?

    This is step by step image instructions to make Bengali Pitha | Mukshamali Pithe at home. So follow the step by step photo instructions to make this dish.

    1.Firstly roast the moong dal.

    2.Take rice flour.

    3.Add water in roasted moong dal.

    4.Add pinch of salt in moong dal.

    5.Cover the dal.

    6.Now dal is cooked.

    7.add rice flour in the cooked moong dal. Mix well.

    8.It will take consistency like dough.

    9.let the dough cool down.

    Bengali Pitha

    10.Start making coconut filling. Add coconut powder in pan.

    Bengali Pitha

    11.Add dates jaggery.

    Bengali Pitha

    12.Mix it well with the help of the spoon.

    Bengali Pitha

    13.Add milk in it.

    14.Now turn on the gas and let the mixture boil.

    15.Add red food color.

    16.Crush the dry fruits.

    17.Add it in the coconut filling.

    18.start making small bowl out of the small bough ball.

    Bengali Pitha

    19.Add coconut filling in it.

    Bengali Pitha

    20.Joint the ages and give it shape, like karanji.

    Bengali Pitha

    21.It is ready to fry.

    Bengali Pitha

    22.Heat the oil.

    Bengali Pitha

    23.Start frying Mukshamali.

    Bengali Pitha

    24. Let it fry well.

    Bengali Pitha

    25.Mukshamali is ready to serve.

    This delicous bengali Pitha is ready to serve to your friends and family. Try this dish at home and collect complements for your cooking skills. I love to eat this pitha fried but you can also add milk in this pithe and serve liquid dessert to your guest.

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      Almost in this procedure we do using rice flour and coconut filling but instead of frying we boil
      Call it kozhukattai in tamil.
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      • Ohh.. this is really wow thing. Actually I have learned this recipe from my Mother-in-law. This is one of the famous type of Pithe in Bengal.


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