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Apple Kheer Recipe

    Apple Kheer Recipe | How to Make Apple Kheer at Home

    Apple Kheer Recipe | How to Make Apple Kheer at Home – In India, we celebrate so many festivals, and dessert or sweet are indivisible part of every festival or any special occasion. Seb Kheer is a new and healthy change in traditional kheer. This recipe is also known as Apple Payasam Recipe, Apple Milk sweet Recipe. Here I am sharing with you the step by step image instructions to make seb kheer.

    Apple kheer

    Traditional kheer we prepare with rice, sugar and milk. In apple kheer recipe we are going to use condensed milk instead of sugar. Seb Kheer is really very delicious and flavorful sweet, which needs very less time to prepare. Many time guest comes at home surprisingly, often it happens with me. So you can easily make this sweet on this type of surprising occasions. You can make this kheer on your fasting days too. Apple kheer is really very good option to make on fast like Navaratri, Ekadashi or any other fasting.

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    In Bengal making Payasam on birthday is an essential thing. As Bengali “Bahu” I know it better, because I always make this Payasam on my husband’s birthday. We make kheer with sweet milk and rice. But from now I will going to cook Apple Kheer on birthday, because my husband like this new form of kheer. It is really very easy to cook and delicious too.

    Apple kheer

    Apple kheer is a preparation of milk, apple and dry fruits. This recipe will provide you the tasty and healthy food. Kids are always want to eat some tasty food and most of the time food is not healthy to eat. Now make this type of healthy recipe at home with your beautiful hands and offer to your cute children’s.

    Ingredients for Apple kheer

    • 500 ml Milk
    • 3 Apple
    • 5-6 Cardamom
    • 4 drop rose water
    • 1 Cup Condensed Milk
    • Dry fruits
    • Sliver leaves(optional)

    Process for Apple Kheer Recipe

    • Step 1:-Firstly take 3 apple and wast it well. After the washing peel the skin of apple. Now great the apple. Remember do this all things just before you stat to make apple kheer.
    • Step 2:-Heat the 1 tsp ghee, then add grated apple in the hot ghee. stir it continuously. Now you can see the grated apple is getting watery, so cook the apple until it evaporate all the water.
    • Step 3:-Now take a deep heavy bottom pan and heat the milk, stir it continuously. Boil the milk for 10 minutes on medium flame until the milk quantity goes to half.
    • Step 4:-It is time to add 2 cup condensed milk in the boiled milk. after adding condensed milk stir the milk continuously.
    • Step 5:-After boiling the milk pore it in one bowl and rest for 15 minutes. Let the milk cool down, then add grated and fried apple in the boiled milk. Mix all together. After mixing this fried and grated apple in boiled milk, add some crushed dry fruits like almond, cashew, pistachio and raisin in apple kheer and keep this apple kheer in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
    Apple kheer

    This is a process to make apple kheer, but if you are making this dish first time then, visualisation is important. In this post I am sharing, step by step image to make apple kheer at home. Let’s get started.

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    How to Make Apple Kheer?

    This is the step by step image instructions to make Apple Kheer at home. You just have to follow this step by step photo instructions and your healthy apple kheer will be ready in minutes. Then let’s get started!

    Apple kheer

    1.Take Apple.

    Apple kheer

    2.Take grater to grate this apple.

    Apple kheer

    3.We need milkmaid to make apple kheer.

    Apple kheer

    4.Also need 500 ml milk.

    5.Wash the apple well.

    Apple kheer

    6.Clean the apple.

    Apple kheer

    7.Now peel the apple.

    8.Set grater in one big size bowl.

    9.Start apple grating process.

    10.Grate whole apple until you see the part of apple which contained seeds.

    11.Apple is grated now.

    Apple kheer

    12.Take 1 tsp of ghee in it.

    13.Heat the deep and heavy bottom pan and ghee in it.

    14.Add grated apple once the ghee is melt.

    15.Mix grated apple in ghee.

    16.You can see the water is coming from the grated apple. Cook apple for 10 minutes.

    17.After 10 minutes you can see water is evaporated.

    18.Grated apple is cooked.

    19.Add 500 ml milk in one deep and heavy bottom pan.

    20.Stir it continuously.

    21.Milk started boiling.

    22.Add cardamom.

    23.Mix well.

    24.We need 1 cup or say 4 tbsp condensed milk.

    25.Add condensed milk in boiled milk.

    26.Mix all together very well and let the milk boil until milk quantity reduce to the half.

    27.After boiling and reducing milk quantity to the half, you can see the milk is getting creamy now.

    28.Cut the almonds, pistachio, cashew and raisins.

    Apple kheer

    29.Remove all cardamoms from milk.

    Apple kheer

    30.Let the milk boil.

    Apple kheer

    31.Turn off the gas and pore this milk in one mixing bowl. Let it cool.

    Apple kheer

    32.Add grated apple in the warm milk.

    Apple kheer

    33.Mix all together.

    Apple kheer

    34.Add raisins in the apple kheer.

    Apple kheer

    35.Now add cashew.

    Apple kheer

    36.Add Almonds.

    Apple kheer

    37.Add Pistachio.

    38.Now this is right time to add drop of rose water.

    39.Add 4 drop of rose water.

    Apple kheer

    40.Mix well.

    Apple kheer

    41.Set apple kheer in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

    Apple kheer

    42.After 30 minutes check the kheer.

    Apple kheer

    43.Now place silver leaves on the kheer also add more dry fruits if you want.

    Apple kheer is ready to serve. Garnishing pistachio, cashew, raisins, almond will enhance the taste of kheer. I have decorated kheer with silver leaves, if it is not available at home then do not use it because it is totally optional. Try this delicious recipe at home and give a healthy surprise to your loved one. Apple Kheer Recipe is a healthy preparation of seb, milk and aroma of cardamom. Make seb kheer at home and give a healthy & tasty treat to your family. Happy cooking to everyone.

    Apple kheer

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