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Aam Panna Recipe

    Aam Panna Recipe | कैरीचे पन्हं

    Aam Panna Recipe | कैरीचे पन्हं – This is very refreshing drink which is made from raw mangoes, jaggery, mint leaf, cardamom and salt. Raw mango juice is a tasty and healthy beverage to fight against the intense and high Indian summer heat. Try this summer refreshing and yummy drink at home! I am sharing with you a very easy recipe. you will never find very easier and quick recipe than this.

    Aam Panna
    Aam Panna

    If we want to beat the summer temperature, so we have to prepare a drinks like Aam Panna and dishes made by seasonal fruits. These fruits help us in remaining hydrated and make our body temperature balanced. You can also make and drink rooh afza, this is very good in taste. I have already shared this recipe in one of my article.

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    Raw mango is a source of pectin and this recipe is made by using raw mangoes so it is very healthy for your body. Basically aam panna is prepared using raw mangoes, jaggery / sugar and using different spices. Remember to use mint leaves while serving and don’t forget to use mint paste while preparing the panna.

    In summer, heat is unbearable, the temperature heats till 40-45 degree Celsius and in this hot summer, our body needs the more water. Mainly in May and June temperature will be on the high scale. In my childhood my grandmother used to prepare this drink by mixing the cumin seeds in it, I love that taste too. If your wondering how to make amm panna at home? Then your at the right place to get your answer.

    • Serve For : 2 People
    • Preparation Time : 5 Minutes
    • Cooking Time : 35 Minutes
    • Total Time : 40 Minutes

    Ingredients For Aam Panna

    • 2 Raw Mango
    • 4 bowl Jaggery
    • 1/2 tsp black salt
    • 4 cardamom
    • 1/2 inch piece of ginger
    • 4-5 Mint leaves
    • 1/2 bowl Water
    • 1 pinch Black salt
    • salt

    How to Make Aam Panna?

    Step 1: Take two raw mango wash it well. Then take 5-6 cup of water in cooker add raw mango in this water and cook this raw mango till they become soft inside. Discard the skin of boiled raw mango, so you can peel the raw mango easily. Allow pulp to cool down. Now raw mango is boiled peel the mangoes and make a soft puree. Take cardamon and mint leaf in mixture grinder bowl add 1/3 of water, grind it well.

    Aam Panna

    Step 2: Take jaggery make a powder of it. Now take one bowl add raw mango pulp, jaggery, cardamon, salt, ginger paste and 1/2 cup of water in it and blend it with the help of blender. I am using hand blender because if I grind it in mixer grinder so taste of aam panna will change. Take glass, add 2 tsp aam panna puree then add mint leaf, black salt and ice cube. Mix it well and your amm panna is ready. The tasty and refreshing drink of summer is ready, enjoy the drink.

    Our aam panna is ready now, I know you will enjoy this drink. While serving using the 1/2 tsp of black salt will give you a very different taste. You will love the aroma of mint leaves and black salt. This is renowned Indian drink. It has a heat-resistant properties. you will get to see this drink in yellow to very light green color. In this preparation Mint leaf make taste and aroma good of aam panna, mint leaves are added which enhances the green color also.

    Additional Information

    • You can also add saffron in this preparation while serving.
    • You can also add Black paper while preparing the panna.
    • If you like so you can also add pinch of green or yellow food color.

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